Top Beauty Products of 2019

For a lifestyle blogger I keep the beauty routine pretty quick and easy because #momlife. I will do whatever it takes to keep the process QUICK and EFFICIENT. I don’t have time for products that are flops. And honestly I love drugstore products because they are a lot easier to pick up than hauling the whole family into Sephora haha. I don’t discriminate! I like products of all price points as long as they work. So these are my TOP products of 2019 that I am bringing with me into 2020.

Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid- Well considering that 2019 was the year of the BREAKOUTS, we obviously gotta have a product to cover that up. This stuff is my ride or die for covering up pigmentation! I use the shade peach because my skin has very pink undertones. I also will use the green one from time to time if I really need to conceal some sh*t.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer This wasn’t discovered until the end of 2019 but errrmerrrgerrrdd….. it is STUNNING. Looks sooo good when put over lipstick or when worn by itself! Like literally it is the sexiest gloss. The perfect undertones to give you a glossy pout.

Hot Lips Lipstick– I mean while we’re talking about lips let’s just knock it out. This NUDE is my go to lip. For my skin tone, it is the perfect nude lip. I love the finish of this because it isn’t too shiny but it also isn’t drying out my lips. It looks especially pretty under that Fenty gloss!

Moroccan oil Treatment– Ugh 2019 was the year of my weave haha. Had my extensions for the entire year! I love them so so much and I wanted to take extra good care of them so I used this oil in my hair every. single. night. No, I did not wake up oily and greasy. I just applied the smallest amount to my ends to keep them from getting dried/broken and it made such a difference!

Photo Finish Primerizer I was all about the DEW and the GLOW in 2019 and honestly hope I am glowing even in 2040. I never like a matte look to the skin, it’s just nor flattering for me. However, it is super hard to get a glowy look when your skin is so dry. This year I started using this primer and it totally changed my makeup application. I no longer was flaking and peeling underneath my foundation! SO good for dry skin.

e.l.f. Monochromatic Multi StickTo continue with my “anti-matte” routine, I started using a lot of liquid products instead of powders. That included blush and highlight. This easy little $4 product was a great addition to my glow routine. It is very subtle, not too obnoxious, and i mean… it’s $4!!

Tom Ford Soleil BlancIf my funeral doesn’t smell like Soleil Blanc then I’M NOT DYING. This scent brings me so many memories. Smells like vacation/summer. And just UGH. It is my favorite scent. Ever.

Slaai™ Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser Finally the year I started to double cleanse my skin. This cleansing balm is amazing to use as your first cleanse because it legit melts off your makeup. I love how gentle it is and feels so smooth on your skin.

NYX Professional Makeup Microbrew Pencil– I quite possibly went through 10 of these this year? Thank god they’re so cheap. I love them. They work better than other high end brow product I have ever tried!

Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask– I had so much acne in 2019. I used a lot of aggressive facemasks that only irritated my skin even more. This, however, was so relaxing, calming, and BRIGHTENING! Right when I would wash it off I would notice how bright my skin looked. I just used the last of it on the 31st so that I was glowing for NYE party.

SLIP™ FOR BEAUTY SLEEP PILLOWCASE & EYE MASK SET– To also improve my skin and hair, I started using a silk pillowcase when I sleep and wooooweeee I love it. It feels so luxurious when I lay my head down at night! It really does help your hair from tangling too.

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