Sweater Weather…Kinda..

I said I was going to be doing more fashion posts…. so here I am living up to it! I really enjoy sharing these looks with you guys! Especially because I ball on a budget so majority of my outfits are affordable. I know this is important because of lot of my followers are straight out of college and still trying to get settled. Last thing y’all want to do is spend endless money on clothes (even though we do it anyways…..right, girl?!)

This outfit is as cozy it looks! Even here in AZ I could stay warm inside by wearing this simple knit cardigan from Target, or I could take the cardigan off outside and wear this sweater dress from Nordstrom Rack. Both pieces were like $25 or less! Including the shoes, which are also from Nordstrom Rack, for $25! That makes my heart happy lol.

Really obsessed with this sweater dress because it makes me feel like I am all bundled up for Fall, but in reality it is pretty thin and also sleeveless…perfect for the heat!

All my jewelry is from Kendra Scott! I LOVE these two pieces because 1) got them in Kansas City when KS came to the field for the wives to buy jewelry and 2) this particular necklace can be worn like 5 different ways!! Best purchase ever!


OKAY I’m burning my lunch while typing this so I have to stop lol! Hope you guys enjoy and had a good weekend!




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