Sunday Sweat

Sunday Funday always flows better when you start the day with a killer workout! Well actually mine started by vacuuming/swiftering the floors before 9 am, which is honestly a lot better start to my day(OCD probs….) But I followed my quick clean with a quick workout and I feel g r e a t.

This is a workout that I do every weekend. Monday through Friday I stick to my normal routine of leg day, bi/back day, etc.. but on the weekends I like to stick to a quick cardio workout. This is a workout that was shown to me in high school when I was working out with a dear friend/art teacher, Mrs. Shore. She is actually the whole reason that I ever got interested in working out after I finished high school sports. She was/is in amazing shape, so I turned to her to learn more about fitness and health. We did this workout together on a weekend, and ever since I’ve basically stuck to it because it is quick + fun. Yes, FUN. You read that correctly. I remember when Mrs. Shore was telling me about the workout, she even described it as fun and I was very skeptical lol. But I promise it is an efficient, quick, and even fun workout.

It is called the Deck of Cards workout. You will either need an actual deck of cards or just download the app like I did! The app allows you to pick 4 workouts- one for each suit. The app also manually shuffles the deck so that is randomized and you will do whatever workout pops up. That’s the fun part.. ya just never know what to expect or how many! 😉

Now I usually do this as a total body workout. I will typically pick two upper body workouts and two lower body workouts. And then whenever it is a face card, I usually do sprints on the treadmill for about 2 minutes. But since today my legs were absolute JELLO from yesterday, I stuck to just doing upper body workouts and every face card I did 30 seconds of abs. A screenshot of my workout from this morning is posted below. This was a killer one because my arms were quivering and I still couldn’t move my legs and then my abs hated me too. BRUTAL. But I felt totally accomplished afterwards. And since it was a quick one, I was able to do a few extra sets of abs. ** Side note….during one of the ball slams sets, my ponytail got in the way and the ball bounced off my face. YAY ME.img_0147

The thing I love most about this is that you get to customize your workout for however/whatever you’re feeling. You can even do it at home if you don’t have time to head to the gym. Add weights to the workouts if you’re feeling up for it, but just remember that it is a hard workout as is.. I’m serious! One of Jake’s friends did it with me once (because Jake knew he couldn’t handle it lol) and he was trying to add a lot of weight to workouts and then he could barely finish. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing. But definitely  give this workout a shot!

I am hoping to make have more in-depth workout blogs because a lot of people have asked me for some. So comment what you would like to hear!


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