Statement Jeans

These jeans have already been featured on my blog, but they deserve a post solely to themselves haha.

These jeans that I scored for $30.. yes. THIRTY DOLLARS are from Urban Outfitters. Usually I go for a statement shoe or a statement top.. but  when I saw these I NEEDED to own them. And again.. $30 for quality jeans.. so I yeah now I own them 😉 They are not on sale for as cheap right now, but they are STILL on sale!

These two tone boyfriend jeans make it easy to create an outfit. Pair a simple, plain top with a matching shoe and there you go! The jeans themselves are so appealing and busy, so you just need a solid top and a cute bootie. Both the top and shoes are also from Urban. I believe I ordered them all at the same time actually! And they are on sale as well!

The boots come up to low calf which I love. SO different from all the other booties I own! They would look so good with a dress or skinny jeans tucked in.

This top is perfect for a casual look because it is oversized and can be tied up or tucked in! It would look great with a jacket or cardigan or even casually with leggings/joggers. I mean honestly.. I even sleep in it lol. And I am PICKY about my sleeping shirts! I love everything about this outfit and I hope you do too!

Shop this whole outfit below!


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