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Well, I was flattered to see so many people reply to my Instagram story saying they wanted to know what my skin routine is! I’ve actually had quite a bit of people in the past reach out to me and I was always shocked because I was like….”R U BLIND??? Have you seen my skin?!”  I have had about two or three major breakouts in my life, always resulting from stress/hormones. Other wise I have very normal/dry skin. This current breakout started about 8 months ago and it actually wasn’t my worst one, but definitely a bad one. Finally after a lot of trial + error and many months, I have seen a lot of improvement in my skin. Scroll straight to the bottom to see my embarrassing progress pics from a little less than 2 months ago.

I currently do not have many active pimples. I scar very easily.. so a lot of what I deal with is red spots + scars. This isn’t as bad as it used to be because I can cover redness with makeup. First of all, I love make up. BUT I definitely am not a make up guru and I have zero intentions of ever being a YouTube make up artist. But I do love expensive brands and caking my face every once in a while. Now I’m not sure where I heard it, maybe from a girl at Sephora… but someone once said something that had stuck to me like glue. She said, “You can spend as much money as you want on expensive concealer and foundations, but until you spend more money on the skin care, it’s never going to get better.” And I was like damn girl.. you’re right..

Anyways. I took it to the extreme a little before NYE and I completely ditched face makeup. Though I love doing my make up, I actually hate the way it feels to have a face full. So I stopped wearing make up to work and would only do a full face for special occasions. I was letting my skin breath in preparation for the wedding. Now I’m not saying you need to do the same, but this was just something I did that helped me jump-start this whole routine + I felt much more comfortable all day at work.

The past eight months I have tried a ton of new products and a lot of at home remedies. These current products that I am using are products that helped me pretty quickly, which is great, but is not always the case for everyone. My best recommendation to you is to speak with a dermatologist and see whats best for you!

OK. Here’s my routine, people.

I (sometimes) start with my Clarisonic. This is a hit or miss for me. Sometimes I am just too lazy, so shame on me. If I am using my Clarisonic, I just wash my face with this Cetaphil cleanser.

img_2331But usually, I am using these two products above instead. I got these a little over two months ago from the lady who does my facials. I was desperate to try anything so it didn’t take much persuading to sell me on these! Both products are from Jan Marini and have done WONDERS for me. The cleanser is like a gel, so I apply it and let it sit for about 5 minutes. I can feel it tingling where my pimples are so I know it is working! The way she explained it was that it basically eats away the dead skin and separates your top layer off.. interesting. Anyways…once I wash it off, I apply the benzoyl peroxide lotion. I would not really classify this as a lotion, because it is VERY strong + dries me out. However, this is what has made the difference (I think) in eliminating my pimples. This stuff if very strong and can bleach anything, so be careful! I use it every night, but when I can tell my skin is really dry, I just skip it.


After the benzoyl peroxide has dried, I put an oil on my face to help keep me moisturized. I have two oils that I switch between. There’s a Bio Oil, which I used my whole pregnancy on my belly to prevent stretch marks. I was looking at it one day and I was completely dumb founded… like why hadn’t I been using this for my acne scars???? So I started using it again.. until my BFF, Cierra, told me about Rosehip Oil.  Now I really don’t know the science behind it.. but the Rosehip oil is great for acne scars and rejuvenating skin cells.. basically speeding up the process of your skin regrowth. I put a couple drops of this on my face every night + rub it in. It gives me this yellow glow and I kinda dig it lol.  This is probably my 2nd favorite product that I think has worked the best for me. I really recommend trying it if you’re like me + have a lot of scars/red spots! I still use the Bio Oil every now + then during the day, but my main go to is the Rosehip oil at night. I never even use a face lotion anymore because the oils keep my skin soft + bright.


So the other stuff is what I do every single night.  But these products I just use when I have time or my skin is being a total dickhead. Both products I have gotten from Ulta and I REALLY like them. This Mario Badescu brand is worth every penny + is a total game changer. I use the drying lotion over night. You just use a q-tip to dab it on the pimples and then wash it off in the morning. Nothing like a sexy look for the husband 😉 The other product, also from Mario Badescu, is a face mask that I use whenever I find the time. This helps with the dryness of my skin and makes me feel silky soft after. **There are a ton of face masks in this brand, so find one that will work for your skin needs! But the drying lotion is a must for those stubborn pimples.


Well there it is guys! Hope that this will help you find a skin care routine that works for YOU. Now here are my embarrassing progress pics starting from 2 months ago to 2 weeks ago. Of course it is still not perfect, especially currently after all the makeup from the wedding.. But I feel so much better about the progress that my skin has made!


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