Seattle Weekend Trip Guide

One of the best perks of Jake’s job is that basically every other week during the season he gets to travel. Although the players spend most of their time at the field, there are a few hours in the morning that they get to explore the city that they are in (although Jake typically uses those few hours to sleep in lol). I try to go to new cities whenever I can, and I prefer to travel kid free, when I can, so that I can explore and get quality time with my husband! We recently went to Seattle and my gosh, we loved it! Usually Jake and I do a little exploring and a lot of relaxing #homebodies. But this time we explored SO much!! I think it was my favorite city I have visited yet. So I want to share some “must do” activities while you’re in Seattle!


Where to Stay

When I visit Jake during the season, I get to stay in his room where the team stays. This is a huge blessing. We get our own room, that we don’t have to pay for, and it always a very nice hotel. This is a huge reason I like to travel with him when possible because I just have to pay for airfare. In the minor leagues it sucked because we had to scurry up the money and pay for our own room. What a relief this is! ANYWAYS- we stayed at the W Hotel and it was perfect. Like the absolute PERFECT location for all our exploring we wanted to do. We barely had to Uber this whole trip because we were so close to walk.

Our room was beautiful and the lobby was awesome too. It had good food available for room service (I am a sucker for chicken nugget room service lol) and there was a bar in the lobby that was POPPIN’! They had a DJ and everything. I got apps + drinks with a friend down there and it was a good time. I really recommend checking this hotel out!

Where to Go

I seriously can’t get over all the places we went. Jake is usually not into exerting much energy LOL but he really out did himself this trip and we explored all over! Thankfully we had an off day so we really got a lot done. We started our day by getting some coffee from the Starbucks Reserve. One of the coolest experiences! If you didn’t know, Seattle is the Starbucks Headquarters location. This isn’t your typical Starbucks. First of all, it is HUGE. You can watch the entire bean/brew process and how they bag each bean. It is simply amazing. You also can get items that aren’t on the menu at a normal Starbucks such as espresso on ice-cream. It is SO cool! And there are a variety of ways you can brew your coffee that changes how it tastes and then they serve them as flights of coffees which is so cool!

We started our trip by going down to the Public Market which is an absolute must. All the tourists go, so yes it is crowded, but it is so worth it! It’s basically a mix of indoor/outdoor vendors selling all types of fish, fresh veggies, different juices, FLOWERS, and little nicknacks. It was like a beehive in there. Everyone was moving so quickly it was amazing!

Something that was a MUST on my list for Seattle was visiting the Gum Wall! It is near the Public Market and is sort of in a hidden alley. It is located at 1428 Post Alley. Typing that into your iPhone will take you right to it! Although it was disgusting.. it really was.. it was such a cool thing. I have always wanted to go and be able to leave my mark on the wall of gum! Although it is much more than just a single wall now!! It is seriously almost the whole alley. Multiple walls covered with more gum than you could imagine. It has been around since 1993 but actually was washed cleaned and started in over in 2015 to protect the brick. That is mind blowing to me because there is STILL so much gum! Bring handsanitizer for this one lol.

Ok. SO next is the Ferris Wheel. I’m not a 100% sure this is a must do activity because honestly I was panicking the whole time lol. It is located at 1301 Alaskan Way, which is down by the gum wall as well. Just a quick walk away! It is on a pier and it really reminded me of the Chicago ferris wheel buuuuuut much larger. It is 175 feet tall but it feels like 1000. You are basically in a glass bubble and are suspended above the water. Every time someone moves your little bubble starts to sway and I am getting sick to my stomach thinking about it. It honestly freaked me out. Not a fan of that feeling!! But a beautiful view nonetheless.

Another sky high view, but much more calming, is the Columbia TowerJake and I chose to do this over the space needle because we didn’t want to fight the crowds and always wanted to go quicker. PLUS it is actually taller than the space needle!!! So it is an overall better view. The view was un real. You could see across the lakes and it was just so beautiful. Jake and I really liked Seattle. It felt like we were window shopping for our next home while we were up there 😉

And of course you should catch a game at the Mariners Stadium! This stadium was pretty neat, especially because of the retractable roof. It is such a different vibe when sitting under a roof! I love experiencing new stadiums. This was definitely one of the cooler ones I have been to!

Where to Shop

Well it just wouldn’t be a trip if I didn’t enjoy some shopping! haha. I shopped a lot here because the hotel was so close to the downtown shopping area. Downtown had amazing stores and I was hitting some awesome 4th of July sales while I was there. Seattle is also the headquarters to Nordstrom, so this was the hands down best Nordstrom I have ever been to! It was on Pine Street and was like 4 or 5 stories big!! And I went to this store like 4 different times because I felt like I wasn’t seeing everything lol. And surrounding this store was tones of other goodies- Madewell, Saks off Fifth, Loft, Sephora, Gucci (I got my new Gucci Belt here!) and much more!

We also traveled across the lake into Bellevue and went to the Bellevue Square Mall. This was a huge mall that we traveled to because Jake needed to go to Apple. It also had an amazing Nordstrom and so many other stores! I could have spent all day there.

Where to Eat

While you’re exploring the Public Market, you need to find this hidden gem! In the market on the corner of Pike Street and Pike Place is Ellenos Yogurt. I guess this is the best yogurt in the country. I sadly did not try it, but Jake bought two huge tubs and he loooooved it. Every other person on the team vouches that is the best around! You have to look closely for it! It’s seriously hidden.

Looking for a fancy dinner? We ate dinner at the Metropolitan Grille right near our hotel and it was soo good. This is an expensive restaurant, but we ate dinner here on our off day and it was worth it. We don’t get to eat dinner together often because he is usually at the field so we really went all out! WARNING- the Vesper Martini will f**** you up.. WOW. haha.

Another Great dinner/lunch location is Six Seven restaurant. It is located in Edgewater Hotel but is open to the public. It had stunning views of the lake and all the boats. We had a brunch lunch there with some of Jake’s long lost relatives and it was a great time with delicious food. You can even sit on the patio and really enjoy the views!

We also got some juices from Pressed Juicery and they were DELICIOUS! I am a sucker for a good juice. And lots of other little treats along the way. Down by the Public Market is some amazing food. You could spend all day down there exploring and eating!

Overall Seattle was an amazing place and I cannot wait to go back and explore some more! I hope you enjoy it and get to do these amazing things if you ever go!


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