Ride or Die Facemasks


Hi girls! Today i want to quickly share my favorite facemasks with you guys! I love nothing more than putting the twins to bed and sitting on the couch with a facemask on. It is so relaxing to me haha. I am pretty picky about what type of products I put on my face! It can’t just be any facemask, needs to fight acne or make me glow or something that is worth my time lol. So here are my faves that I have in my cabinet right now!


Saturn Sulfur Acne Mask– Where my girls with breakouts at? This is for you!! I think this is one of my favorite masks that is geared towards breakouts. The sulfur in this mask is there to dry out breakouts and unclog pores to prevent further breakouts. Something I love is that in the description itself (on Sephora website) it says it treats all types of acne- “including blocked, congested pores, inflammatory acne, hormonal acne, and acne rosacea” UM YES HI!!! I had hormonal acne sooooo so so bad. I am not saying this product alone cleared by acne, but I do think it contributed and helps to prevent. It is also part of Sunday Riley skincare line which is in my top fave skincare lines. I love this set here because all 3 products are amazing and its a great way to sample the mask and other products!

T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial- This is a splurge. I know. But it is SUCH an investment, ladies! This facemask is so effective. I love all Drunk Elephant products. This product particularly is so great at ridding the face of dead skin and exfoliating. It has a high blend of AHA, which helps to treat acne, and ALSO has BHAs which has antibacterial properties to kill the germs on skin- hence preventing breakouts. This facemask will tingle when you put it on, but that’s normal! It’s a good tingle haha. I use this about once a week and I always use it right after I fly to get rid of the germy skin on my face from the flight!

Sand & Sky- This is a new product for me but I am sooo impressed! Maybe it’s because it came with the cutest little brush to apply it with.. but I think it is effective for me so far! This is a pore refining mask that also has anti-inflammatory properties so reduce swelling from breakouts. This mask also tingles in the first few moments but then it hardens into a clay mask. I love that a little bit goes a long way!! So this little tub will last a while.

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask– I feel bad recommending this because I use it not how it was meant to be used.. but it is efficient for me haha! This is a whitening and brightening mask used to reduce redness. Since I recently suffered from acne scars, I would finish my night-time skincare routine a few nights a week by applying a very light layer to my scars and sleeping in it! It would totally reduce the appearance my redness and scars in the morning! I basically use it as a spot treatment. I hardly ever apply it to my entire face! I swear by this little trick!

Aztec Clay Mask- So ladies.. Here is the worlds cheapest facemask that will probably last you for the rest of your life haha. It is a HUGE container of powder that you mix with water and make your own mask. This was my saving grace for a while!! It was recommended to me by a ton of my followers. It is so cheap that I decided to try it. It is a clay powder that is designed to bring impurities to the surface. After your first use, you may break out because it is bringing your impurities to surface. I personally did not! But i have heard others did experience that just once. This mask hardens up like a rock. You will be red after washing it because of the increased blood flow, but that is normal and healing! This is the only product that can extract my stubborn blackheads on my nose. I really recommend this, especially for the price!

Tatcha Luminous Sheetmask Ohhhhh baby! These are amazing! These sheets are worth every penny! They are so hydrating and soothing! They are not designed to fight breakouts like the other masks, but they are made to replenish your skin and hydrate. They leave your face feeling dewy and glowy. A perfect mask to use before a big even!


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