Pregnancy Announcement!

Ahhh!! The news is out! WE ARE PREGNANT! (me, not Jake). God I have waited SO long to say that. Not just let the secret out, but I have wanted to say that I am pregnant for so long. This baby was something we wanted for a year. So many emotions happened through that year. A year of trying. Of “not trying” because we were fed up. We felt frustration. Anger. Happiness. Envy. Relief. Just about every emotion we felt. But when we least expected it, it happened. Right at the perfect time for us. Sure, would have been nice to have already had the baby by now since we started trying over a year ago, but I think that God had a better timeline for us and I am just going to roll with it now! We are over the moon about this and just so dang happy to say “we’re pregnant”.

Which let me start by saying that this has been so different than my pregnancy with the twins. Symptoms are totally different, yes. But what I am talking about right now is how amazing it felt to see a positive pregnancy test and to excitedly tell people that we are expecting. When I got pregnant with the twins I had literally JUST moved to Arizona to start my own path and go to ASU. I was 19 when I found out. I had JUST lost my mom. And here I was having twins. It was a scary feeling and wasn’t something I wanted to tell every single person (especially my classmates lol). BUT NOW… I have to stop myself from telling complete strangers in the Target checkout line! I am just that excited!! I love Penelope and Jones more than anything and I am by no means saying I was embarrassed by my pregnancy with them. It was the biggest blessing we could have ever received. But to try for a baby for a year and finally get pregnant is just an amazing feeling that I am cherishing.

I am cherishing this even more because I don’t know if we will have more kids after this. I won’t dive entirely too deep into this. But I have a horrible family history of ovary, cervix, uterus problems. So someday I will have to decide how I want to be proactive with those issues. Jake ideally wants 4 kids, but I think I will tap out after 3 lol. But ya just never know! So there is the possibility that this will be my last time to enjoy a pregnancy so I am cherishing it.

I will answer all the pregnancy questions in a blog post about my first trimester coming soon. But I will say that I am currently about 10.5 weeks along and we are due July 29. The twins were due August 15, but they were born a month early on July 22, so July is going to be a busy month! I already said we had been trying for a long time, so no. We did not plan this baby to be born around the twins bday. That sounds pretty chaotic lol. But I like to think that my mom who passed away in July is just trying to make July extra special for my family and to focus on the gains instead of the losses.

I found out that I was pregnant because I just had a feeling. I had that feeling a few times while we were trying, but I always ended up wrong. I had taken a few tests before, knowing I was probably testing too early but I am a very eager person lol. The tests were negative. I decided I was don’t testing and would wait till the next month. But a few mornings later I woke up and just had the strangest urge to take one last test right away. I did and I was sure it looked negative. Go figure… so I put my contacts in and was about to throw it away. I took another look and BOOM! saw a faint, but clearly positive test! I stood in the bathroom alone for a few minutes deciding my next move. Do I tell Jake now?! I always thought I would tell him in a cute, surprising way. But I don’t do secrets. Especially when he’s 10ft away sleeping in bed haha. So I immediately turned on the lights, jumped on the bed, and shoved that pee stick right at him 😉 We just were over the moon. And yes! We told the kids right away and they were very excited. They kinda understand because my sister just had a baby so they have an idea of a baby growing in a belly.

That is it for now! I will share more of the questions you all asked soon! Thank you again for all the love and congratulations we have received! It means the world to us.

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