Our Current Season

We are in the midst of a pretty crazy season right now. And no, not baseball season.

I’ve heard this saying a lot since becoming a mom, “It will pass it’s just a season of life.” I didn’t really quite understand it at first but I am finally starting to know the significance of that saying.

Having kids is the biggest commitment you’ll ever make. You can commit to a team, or a person through marriage, but unfortunately people quit those things all the time. You cannot ever quit the commitment of being a mother though (and even if you did.. you would never forgive yourself). I get asked all the time, “What was your reaction to having twins?” Honestly, I was pretty calm. It just felt right, ya know? Jake was 2,000 miles away when I called him to tell him. That night when he landed I showed him the ultra sound pictures (pretty sure we were still in the terminal parking lot..or Applebees). I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t worried. I was happy. Excited. I showed him the ultrasound pictures and pointed out OUR little babies and their noses and little hands. I knew right then when I saw his excitement that we had just made the biggest, greatest commitment of our lives.

We also made the hardest commitment of our lives. There are days when I want to make breakfast for just myself. When I want to get in the car without taking 15 minutes just to locate shoes, sippies, and a hair bow. I have days I want to throw in the towel and take a nap. I want to eat a yogurt on the couch without having to share the whole thing. There are many days where I selfishly want to just stop all motherly tasks and take a   b r e a k.

But we can’t. Because we made a commitment for the rest of our lives. Something I am told almost every day by strangers is, “oh it will get easier.” And it honestly has not. The seasons change but they always bring on new difficulties. When the twins were newborns, everyone said it would get easier when they got a little older and could self soothe. But here we are still having a baby or two climb in bed at night. They said wait till they can play together and keep each other occupied. But now we have two kids who won’t share a breath of air. We have two kids who hit and fight and cry and make up and then hit again because it’s funny. It’s hard. It’s really hard some days.

But during this new season we also have a little boy who throws a ball straight to your glove and swings his little bat saying, “ohhhhhahah!” We have a little girl who when you say, “Minnie Mouse?” lights up as if Santa is coming. We have two toddlers who are starting to finally sit still and watch a movie with you. We have a daughter who points at anything with 4 legs and says, “dog” and a little boy who makes every animal noise when you point to it. We have a son who loves to spank his booty and a daughter who loves to dance. Jones is already dunking a basketball all while Penelope is wearing my heels around the house.

We are in a hard season, just like all the other seasons. But these seasons are going by too quick. It was a hard season when they were waking up every 3 hours, but they were tiny little snuggle bugs and I miss it. I thought those days were never going to end but now they’ve gone and passed and it makes me sad. I know this season is hard too, and the next 20 years of our lives will be hard too… but I love this season so much! I love the new words and dance moves and new giggles. Some days I do want to throw in the towel, but every day I am so thankful for our new season. Looking back, I miss our old seasons, but I am looking forward to our next seasons as well. I am learning to enjoy all the seasons of life because they are gone in the blink of an eye. I hope all you other mommas will embrace your seasons too!

Enjoy these pictures from our current season of life!


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  • Reply Patsy Ellerman March 25, 2017 at 2:00 am

    I love your reading your blog….Bree. The pictures are always especially entertaining also.
    The twins are my third cousins….(Debi is my Aunt). I am definitely a fan of theirs. They are precious. I always look forward to whatever you happen to share. In the years to come those two will be thrilled knowing that you took the time out of your totally busy day to document these precious moments. You have a beautiful way with words.

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