New Brand Obsession

Ya know when your newborn babies are in those adorable little rompers and you’re just like, “PLZ stay in these forever!!!!!” But then sadly not even a year later your almost two year olds are wearing 4T (yes.. FOUR) and you can no longer find any simple, neutral rompers in their size. It has been a heart breaking year. A true tragedy. UNTIL NOW PEOPLE!!

I am so glad that I found this brand on Instagram!!! Tenth & Pine is exactly my style- simple, laid back, and easy to move around in. Take a look for yourself… Penelope and Jones had no problem doing yoga + playing baseball in their new rompers! I have been looking for clothes like these forever but I either run into one of two issues: 1) way too expensive or 2) not in their toddler size. Well Tenth & Pine broke both of those issues for me! And I want you guys to have the same amazing experience as me! Use code BREE10 when you checkout to get 10% off! They have everything gender neutral from clothes, to toys, to blankets…and even matching shirts for mom!

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