Napa Trip Roundup

Napa was a blast…in a glass 😉 OK that was lame but honestly I’m a little wine drunk while typing this lol. But anyways I was very very VERY overwhelmed while planning this trip for us. There were just sooo many options. While I was there I had a ton of you messaging me to share the details because you were planning a trip there and were also overwhelmed. So I will give you a quick break down of our weekend in Napa! 

Ok firsts things first… Napa and Sonoma are two different things lol. They are about 20-25 minutes away from one another. Both are in Sonoma County (I think) and we chose to stay in Sonoma. The locals will probably get a little feisty if you say you’re in Napa when you’re actually in Sonoma haha. Napa is a lot more touristy. Both areas have beautiful hotels, wineries, and restaurants so you really can’t go wrong. 


There are two options- fly into San Fran or fly into Oakland. Both were the same price but we chose to fly into Oakland because it is slightly closer! Napa/Sonoma is about an hour away so we rented a car, but you could also uber to the area too. 


We stayed at the MacArthur Place in Sonoma and it was STUNNING. It was a pricier stay, but we splurged because it was a weekend away from the kids and we wanted to ball out. This place looked like Joanna Gaines came and blessed every single detail. It was timeless, simplistic, but every little detail was thought of! I loved walking around getting my coffee in the mornings and also sitting by the fires at night. Our room was beautiful and we spent way too much time binging Netflix shows in bed. 


Saturday was the day we chose to hit the wineries. Since we had rented a car, we drove to Calistoga and spent the day there. We only did two wineries because our day was cut short due to wild fires, but it was perfect. Calistoga is north of Napa. So we atleast got to drive through Napa and see it! 

Castello Di Amorosa- We started our day here and this was definitely on my MUST SEE list. It is an iconic winery that literally looks like a castle! It was amazing. So detailed and breathtaking. Since it was just the two of us we did not have to make a reservation. We did wish we would have done one of the tours so we could have learned about the castle and seen more of the off limits stuff. But we had a great time just walking around ourselves. 

Sterling Vineyard- This might have been my favorite. The views were UN REAL. You had to take a tram to the top of a hill that overlooked a lake and mountains. It was amazing. I loved this tour because it was a self guided one, you just followed the arrows and stopped at different locations for more wine tastings. Very easy, You also got to see the wine making machines. It was so cool and intriguing to see the process! 

Next on our list was the Montelena, but like I said, our day was cut short. But all 3 of those wineries were SUPER close to each other so its definitely worth making a day of going up North for a bit!

If we would have done another day of wineries, these were on my list: Carneros and Chandon. 

Non Winery Festivities:

Friday we chose not to go to any wineries. Well I guess not any big time ones. We instead walked around the Plaza area in Sonoma and got surprisingly very drunk haha. We just stopped at a bunch of little tasting rooms and pretended to know what were doing. The Plaza is so cool. Its huge and it also had a ton of stores, boutiques, and restaurants. We spent a few hours there!


There are so many great dining options in Napa and Sonoma! But you have to be quick and book your reservations ahead of time. We did a dinner one night at the Swiss Hotel. It was an Italian restaurant and it was delicious! Pasta was soo good. 

For lunches we ate at The Red Grape like twice lol. It was amazing. The best garlic bread. Perfect place to sober up with a apps. We also had a great lunch at the Oxbow Public Market which I would say is 100% a must! It is a large building with lots of little restaurants inside. So you could get tacos, beer, burgers, fresh fish and produce.. a variety of things! I def recommend it. 

The weekend went by so quick. On Sunday we check out and decided to drive the coast for a bit and take the long way to the airport. It was an amazing weekend! I really recommend this for a weekend getaway. Would be great for alone time with the husband, weekend with the girls, or literally just about anything!

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