Monat Hair Care Review


Ahh, feels good to blog again! We’re still unpacking and getting settled and my inbox has been getting more and more inquiries for the blog so I have just been so overwhelmed! I was recently approached by an individual to try the Monat hair care line. I finally found a time to 1) wash my hair and try it and 2) share my review with you guys! So keep on reading to hear more!

Just remember, though I did receive this product at no cost, all opinions are my very own.

I have always been a snob about hair care products. I only use the good stuff (aka nothing from a drug store) because I can’t stand the ingredients they use.  Quality hair care is always worth the money in my eyes. So when I was approached about using a new brand, I was iffy. I definitely do not like trying new shampoo/conditioner since I only wash my hair every so often I don’t want it to have a bad outcome (greasy, dry,ugly… etc). However, I decided to give it a try because..lets be real.. its just hair!

I chose to test out the Hydration Treatment System from Monat since it is still Summer here and I want my hair to feel like it’s not having a heat stroke. Once it arrived I was super pleased with the adorable packaging and the quantity of product that was in each bottle. I also loved that the box shares that they are a cruelty free product and say no to toxic ingredients. Huge brownie points already for me.

So the day finally came where it was time to wash my hair and try these new products out! I was excited because who doesn’t love new things?! I played my relaxation playlist, turned on a steamy shower, and poured a glass of wine.


I actually had to lock my children out of the bathroom while a friend was over and hurry up to take a quick shower with whatever time I had. I read over the directions because it does say to rinse TWICE with the shampoo. I think people often forget this.. so I made sure I got a good lather the second time around.

Next I used the masque conditioner while I was shaving my legs + washing my face. I was trying to leave it on for 10+ minutes.. but my crazy kids weren’t having it. I think I got about 6 or 7 minutes but it got the job done!

My hair did feel a little dry after the conditioner, not gonna lie about that. But once I was out of the shower and used the Restore Leave-In Conditioner, my hair felt much better! I let it air dry per usual and my hair was incredibly smooth + soft!

No tangles, no dry spots, no oily spots. Just silky smooth hair. I was very impressed with this product line!! ANNND I just found out they have hair care for children! It’s called the Monat Junior Line   and I have to get it! I’ve been searching high and low for a good conditioner for Penelope because she has some wild curls that needs to be tamed by something other than just shampoo.

If you are interested in buying some for you (or your little one!) be sure to visit Katie Driessens to place your order!






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