Momma’s Spa Day

WOW I feel like I was gone from my babies for like a whole month. Maybe it’s because I was all over the place.. not sure.. all I know is that I really freaking missed them! I was really hoping to spend all of Mother’s Day with them, but unfortunately my flight didn’t allow me to get home till the afternoon. It’s ok though because they were in loving hands and probably didn’t even miss me…. :,)

My trip was amazing though! I was happy that I ended up in Vegas like my original plan. It felt soo good to be back in the dry heat for a few days! Exploring Vegas was fun because I’ve only ever seen the strip. This time we stayed near downtown, which has a totally different vibe. It was a really cool area! Much less expensive than the strip but still jam packed with exciting things to do!

While in Vegas we stayed at The Golden Nugget. Maybe I am biased because of my love for nuggets… but this hotel was insanely beautiful! It had that older feel to it but was absolutely gorgeous. Jake was basically my personal photographer taking pictures of me all over the hotel (sorry babe). I am not much of a gambler, but the casino was always packed too. I spent most of time near the pool, which actually had a shark tank in it! The entire hotel was beautiful.

While staying at The Golden Nugget I was lucky enough to team up with their spa to receive a service from them- just in time for Mother’s Day! I decided to do a facial which was the best decision I have ever made. My skin was pretttttty crispy from that dang Florida sun, and to make matters worse, I had forgotten both my face wash AND lotion when I was frantically packing. I am fully convinced that my skin would be peeling right now if it wasn’t for that hydrating facial!

I felt so relaxed while I was at The Golden Nugget spa. I can’t remember the last time that I was absolutely pampered like that! Their spa was stunning and their staff was amazing! Of course the woman who preformed my facial was from a Chicago Suburb.. what are the odds?! We talked the entire time about how we did NOT miss that midwest weather the slightest bit. She kept me feeling relaxed and also comfortable by talking to me like we were life long friends. I always enjoy the part when they massage your shoulders and chest. The lady got a kink out of my neck that I had from all the traveling and I felt so much better after!

After my relaxing facial I decided to use the sauna and spa. I was in total heaven during this part. They don’t rush you out the door, which I think was awesome. They let you take your time and sauna/steam, use the jacuzzi, or use they’re luxurious showers. (I had no plans of washing my hair this entire trip but as soon as I saw a rain shower head… I immediately started washing my hair). They had all the necessities you could need- snacks, shampoo/conditioner, robes, slippers, razors, contact solution, brushes, etc. You name it, they had it! I totally milked this part and took my sweet time enjoying every single thing the spa had to offer. I was hopping from sauna to steam, to shower, back to sauna, to the jacuzzi, back to the shower. To say I was enjoying it would be an understatement!

They even had little cucumbers for my eyes. When I say that, I was like, “OK I’m done. Never leaving.” Unfortunately I did leave *sigh*. After I checked out of the spa, I went back to the room and did not do a damn thing for like 4 hours. I was still on cloud nine! Today I tried to recreate my spa experience with a bath bomb, bath salts, tea, and a face mask but it just was not cutting it. I may have to make another trip to Vegas for the real deal!

If you are ever in the Vegas area I highly recommend skipping the strip and checking out  The Golden Nugget, and definitely head to the spa! A special thanks to the amazing staff of the hotel + spa for taking care of me and collaborating with me! Hoping to be back someday!

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