Microblading Experience

Such a long, overdue blog post about this topic! I apologize it has taken awhile and a lot of you have been asking, but I wanted to wait to share my experience until everything had healed and I could tell you everything about it! So here is finally my spot about microblading!!

Good Lawd. I never thought this day would come. The day where 1) my eyebrows are healed and perfect. and 2) my eyebrows are perfect!! Ok I realize I shouldn’t use the word “perfect”, but they are perfect to me and better than I had ever anticipated.

So I decided to get my eyebrows microbladed because (obviously) I wanted nice brows, but I also wanted something that would help shape my face. My brows before hand were not terrible, but they also did NOT make me happy. They were small and uneven and did not compliment my large forehead. They had also been through hell & back- lots of waxing mishaps and even shaving, yes…shaving.. mishaps. Once I realized that my hair follicles on one eyebrow were completely dead, meaning NO hair would grow and I could never reshape/thicken my brows.. I decided I would get microblading.

It was alwaaaaaays something I was extremely interested in because, like i said, I was never very confident with my natural brows. I was always just too nervous about not liking them because they are permanent. And also, I just kept telling myself “it is not worth X amount of money when it only takes like 5 minutes of my day to fill them in”. So that thought alone was the main reason I waited so long to get microblading.

But it honestly got to the point where I was feeling it necessary to fill in my eyebrows to go to the gym or grocery store  (I am usually a NO makeup person unless there is an actual event going on) and that was when I realized “ok this is clearly important to me so it is worth the money!” All I can say now is that I wish I had done it sooner!

I always knew who I wanted to go to- Cami Shreeve. She is an AZ local and has done a lot of people I know in the area so I always knew I wanted her to do my brows! I was nervous, yes.. who wouldn’t be?! Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup used to create natural hair strokes to fill in brows. AKA basically tattooing your eyebrows… but in a totally amazing and realistic way. And in my opinion, Cami is one of the best. I am so pleased with how my session went! We took our sweet time deciding the shape and color I would want. We did a lot of trials with different shapes before she actually started the real process. The whole thing took roughly two hours and was PAIN FREE. I have heard of other people saying their experience was very painful. But when I was with Cami, she made sure I was completely numb before she started the process.

After my session is when I was a little thrown off with the whole thing.. but this is a personal reason! I knew that committing to microblading meant that I wasn’t able to get my eyebrows wet for a few days after and I would need to stay out of sun. However, I kinda did not think about how I would not be able to work out (sweating is WET) or run outside or even lay out in the sun during my last weeks in AZ. FOR TWO WEEKS.  The results above and below are just from my initial appointment! They are even more full and bold now.

This typically would not be a big deal.. but since I have a half marathon coming up it really threw my training into a halt (low key…. not mad about it…) But this also meant I couldn’t shower, only take baths (again…I wasn’t to mad), and had to be EXTREMELY careful when washing my hair and face (this is literally right when I started breaking out… I blame the brows lol). So the whole healing process was kind of annoying/frustrating. It also is not the prettiest process because your brows go through stages of healing- they look PHENOM. Then they basically turn black. Then they get real bold. Then they start flaking. Then they disappear. And then SOMEHOW in the end they reappear and they look bad ass. Below is an example of how they looked roughly one week after my first appointment. They were flaking and itchy.. but that is totally normal and part of the process!

So reflecting back… It was a stressful process to heal but TOTALLY worth it! I would do it again. And technically I already have because I have done my first touch up lol. You are supposed to have a touch up within 4 weeks of the initial appointment in order to fill in any missing spots, change the color, and play with the shape. Both of the appointments went SO well and I did not feel any pain!

So even though I spent my whole month of March staying out of the sun and staying dry, I am so so so happy with how my brows look. Like seriously love them They are so natural and being able to wake up and have some structure to my face is the boost of confidence I needed. I will say that I DO still fill in my brows when I have a full face of makeup. This is, however, a personal preference and only takes me legit 10 seconds. But maybe you wouldn’t have to fill them in anymore after you get microblading! I only do it to darken my brows to make them stand out while wearing a full face. I will have to get touch ups through out my years, but as long as I take good care of them- sunscreen, gentle washes, etc.- I won’t have to make as many appointments. But everyone’s skin is different so it depends on the person.

Overall, 10/10 recommend microblading if it is with an ESTABLISHED and TALENTED esthetician. Do your research people!!!! I also totally recommend Cami if you’re in the AZ area!

LMK if you have any questions. I have zero make up on in the photo above and I absolutely love the structure of my brows!

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