Lip Filler Experience

**I did receive this service for no cost from Vivid Skin & Laser but all opinions are my own. Which is why I have waited to share until I was 100% sure I was satisfied!**

I think the things I love most about my blog are the comments and messages from people telling me how much they enjoy, respect, and love my honesty on social media. The internet can be a place that causes some serious insecurities about ourselves because we are under the impression that there are people who are perfect moms and wives, and people who are just drop dead gorgeous 24/7. Like they don’t even wake up with morning breath or pimples lol. I never want anyone to ever get that impression about my life. EVER. That is why I have chosen to be so open about my anxiety/depression, my lack of cute OOTDs on a daily basis, and other aspects of life. I like to be transparent (without exploiting myself or my family) because I want you guys to relate to me. 

This is why I have decided to share all about my experience with lip fillers with you guys! To me, it was not a big deal. It was something I have always been interested in. I know to others, it may be a big deal. I have a few reasons for why I am sharing this. 1) I want to be transparent! 2) I want to eliminate the stigma of “oh you’re going to get duck lips” or “I won’t look natural” and 3) maybe you’re interested in this procedure and I want to educate you! I did a ton of research before making this decision. So I want to be able to share my experience with you guys!

So let me start from the beginning here! My lips have always been an insecurity of mine. They have a good shape, which I am thankful for. But the size of them did not match my face. I have a large face with small features. My top lip was much larger than my bottom lip. More than twice the size actually. I can trace back the insecurity to a time in grade school and also high school when I was told I looked like a fish or a horse because my top lip was much larger. Was it the worse thing in world? No. Not at all. But it was something that bothered me and it is something that I have the ability to change. 

Now am I saying that you need to change everything about yourself that others don’t like? or even YOU don’t like about yourself? Absolutely not. You never need to change anything about yourself to feel your best! Did I need to? Nope. But did I want to? Yes. And if all it took was a quick 30 minute appointment to change an insecurity I have had for years… then absolutely I would do it again.

So there’s my why, now lets move on to the how! Like I said, I did a ton of research on this! It is a simple procedure. But it is also a procedure that if not done correctly, you could end up with unsatisfactory results. I did my digging and I listened to recommendations in the Arizona area and I decided that Vivid Skin and Laser was the place I trusted most! I love that on their Instagram they share before and afters so that I could see real life results. I read amazing reviews on them and decided that I was finally ready!

I scheduled my appointment for right under a week out. I read so many articles online about how to prepare for the appointment. From listening to friends experiences, I knew that is was very normal for bruising and swelling to occur immediately after the procedure.  BUT there are ways to prevent that! I had little swelling and only one bruise. so here are my tips!

  1. HYDRATE!! This will help with swelling and bruising. They say the day before and the day of to really hydrate. I started hydrating like crazy 3 days before though.
  2. NO ALCOHOL. Alcohol causes swelling. Your lips are naturally going to swell 24-36 hours after because its a sensitive area that’s being pricked plus the filler is settling. You don’t want the alcohol in your system to cause any other swelling!
  3. No aspirin for 3 days before. This is a blood thinner. So though it may sound like a good idea to help with the pain (I’ll touch on pain shortly), it is a bad idea because it will cause more bruising. And so will alcohol.

I also read some other tips about pineapple juice but I don’t like that taste… so I am only sharing what I personally did.

Now for the appointment itself! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I didn’t know how much pain I would feel or what my final outcome would look like. But i just decided to trust the process! The best part about filler is that if you are not satisfied, a solution can be injected to dissolve the filler.

Once I met with the injector at Vivid she immediately calmed my nerves. She told me it would be close to painless and that she has been doing for a while and I could trust her! She prefers the natural look just like myself. She even said, “There is nothing wrong with achieving the natural look with something like filler”  and then I was like you right giiiirl. Do your thing!

We discussed what shape I wanted and what it was that I didn’t like about my current lips. We then decided that Juvaderm would be best for me because it is great for beginners and also great for natural for lips. She then applied a numbing cream which I could tell was working immediately. We left the cream on for almost 15 minutes. I was very numb by the end of it thank goodness! 

I won’t lie, this is where my heart started to pound lol. I was so nervous about the pain. But as soon as she started, I didn’t feel A THING! I’m not kidding! She would do a small injection that i didn’t feel, and then she would massage it. Then another small prick, and massage it. I did not feel anything on the left side. No pain at all. One she moved to the right side I did feel a few small pinches but it was nothing like I was expecting! It was a very  bearable pain.


The whole injection process took no more than 15 minutes. I did a total of one syringe. 70% of the syringe went into my bottom lip, which was my biggest concern. The remaining 30% went into my top lip just add a little fluff to my lip. When she first handed me the mirror, I am going to be honest, I was nervous. My lips themselves were ok but the surrounding area right by my lips was very swollen. I could tell it was just irritated from being pricked so I knew not to get worked up! My injector told me that in the next 48 hours I would be the most swollen, the next morning to be the worst. Then from there the swelling would go down. And in one week I should be seeing the full results! This is why I have waited to share about this. I wanted to make sure I was happy with my results and also that the swelling was all the way down. My bruise is finally almost gone as well! It didn’t bother me because lipstick covered it so well. 

here is how I cared for my lips the past week:

  1. ICE. I actually forgot this part.. we were busy unpacking so I didn’t have much time to ice. I only did once, which is why I think I bruised in one spot. You should ice every hour for about 10 minutes on the day of your appointment.
  2. Sleep on your back as much as possible! You don’t want to sleep on your side/stomach because you can squish your lips and change the shape that the injector gave you. This is mainly just important for the first two nights.
  3. Continue to hydrate to eliminate swelling! BUT avoid a straw for a few days. You don’t want to pucker your lips too much and again, change the shape. It’s rare, but it could happen!
  4. Any sort of exercise for the first 48 hours will cause swelling. You CAN exercise, you just will be a little more swollen for an extra day! I chose not to exercise, mainly because I will take any excuse I can get lol.
  5. DO NOT massage for 48 hours. The filler is still settling. After 48 hours, you can massage if you feel any small bumps. I did feel small bumps, which is normal, but they settled on their own and went away!

And now that a week has passed, I am so happy!! They look and feel so natural. Throughout the whole week of healing only ONE person asked “Did you get lip filler?” which is great because if done correctly, your lips should look natural! Filler can get a bad reputation.. but that is because it can be easily over done. That is why i cannot stress enough how important it is to trust your injector. Highly recommend Vivid Skin and Laser if you are in the AZ area!

This photo was the morning after my appointment- when I was the most swollen!


3 Days after!

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