Kids Christmas Guide

Hi Guys! Sorry I am a little late sharing this. I have been still figuring out what to get the twins for Christmas. I knew for sure this year I wanted to do the 4 gift rule, which is:

Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read!

Growing up, my sister and I always got 4 presents. It wasn’t exactly that method, but we got 4 gifts and then Santa came too. I think it can be so easy to get carried away at Christmas time, we may have even been guilty of that last year! But after looking back on the past year on the INSANE amount of toys that we had to donate/trash in order to declutter, or simply because they weren’t being played with… I wanted to change that! I have told all family to please keep Christmas smaller this year! We don’t need a bunch of junk anyways. So here are the wants/needs/wears/ and reads for the twins this year! Plus some other ideas that they have asked Santa for or toys we have and love.


Penelope first saw this tree house toy on a TV commercial and then again at the store. She loves little people/animals so this is perfect for her to play with her little toys! Jones is loving all things dinosaurs right now. I wanted to get him dino’s that would require him to use his imagination to play with. And then the binoculars are just a fun toy to play with! They used to make their own out of cardboard so these are so cute.


This is a wear, but mainly a need! It does get cold here in AZ, especially school mornings. And these will also be good for the begging of baseball season when it is super cold!


I got these clothes from H&M during Black Friday on sale for the kids. Just a few pieces that I thought would be super cute for them to have!


We love books! Especially Penelope. We have a lot of fun books so I wanted to switch and get some educational books to help us learn our numbers and letters! And then I also got each kid a fun book to add to our collection.


And then there are more toys on the list for Santa to bring! Here are a few ideas that I will be choosing from myself.

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