I got new BOOBS

Ok here it is, the boobie post you’ve all been waiting for! Sharing all the details of my recent breast augmentation. Just want to start by saying you all were so sweet, supportive, and interested in this procedure as much as I was and I want to say thank you! I did not receive any mean messages about why I was choosing to do plastic surgery or blah blah. You guys really made sharing this whole process so easy and fun. So now I am going to share all the details!

Ok let’s start with the why. I have known for years that I wanted a boob job. I genuinely never knew if I WOULD get one because I was terrified of the procedure. I would always say, “I want my boobs done, but if presented with the opportunity idk if I will do it because I am so scared.” WELL I did it and I am so glad haha. My reasoning wasn’t because I was flat chested. I actually had small “B” cup boobs. I enjoyed them because I almost never had to wear a bra. So my issue wasn’t that I thought they were small, but rather they were not proportionate to my body if that makes sense. I am 5’9” and I weigh 160 lbs. I have thick thighs and hips and I felt like my top half needed to match my lower half. It just even outs my body so much and brings me confidence.

Alright next topic- how did I decide where to go? Well like I said, I have wanted this for years. I love following plastic surgeons on instagram and seeing what their results are like. So for a couple years I knew the practice I wanted to go to- Dr. Robert Cohen was someone whose work was natural and amazing. He bounced between here and Beverly Hills. He also worked with other surgeons whose work was amazing so my plan was to meet with different surgeons and then pick one. 

The timing of my surgery was so last minute- which is exactly how I wanted it to go. I knew if I waited months or weeks in between the consult and procedure, I would back out because I was afraid of being put under. So I decided to make a consult appointment with Dr. Sigalove, another surgeon at his practice, to get the ball rolling. Ladies- before I say anything else.. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!! Like I said I knew for years I wanted mine down so it was something I always was reading and learning about. Anyways- I was drawn to him because he specializes in the technique that places the implant OVER the muscle. This means your pectoral muscle is not cut open and the recovery time is significantly quicker. This was super important to me because I workout and also have small children who I am lifting all day. None of my friends had done this method so I was nervous since it is relatively newer, I think it started about 7 years ago.. But Dr. Sigalove is a leading surgeon in this technique! He actually jotted down a few facts about this technique for you guys since SO many of you are interested in it:

Subfascial Technique: I started it 3 years ago after pioneering and publishing papers and a textbook on a new technique in breast reconstruction called Prepectoral which was 6 years ago. 

◦ Do not have to cut the pec muscle but instead lift the fascia over the muscle.

◦ Minimally invasive, half of the recovery of under the muscle surgery

◦ Minimal need for pain meds

◦ Back to gym and working out in over half the time

◦ Better cleavage than under the muscle

◦ Use a bioresorbable mesh (Galatea) to reduce possible rippling and bottoming out

◦ Low complications 

◦ I am one of the only plastic surgeons in the area who offers this technique

◦ It is perfect for revision patients who already have under the muscle implants- they can be switched to under the fascia in am easy outpatient procedure.

◦ Call Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery and ask for a consultation with Dr Sigalove or dm him directly @StevenSigaloveMD with questions

◦ This procedure can be done in almost any patient 

After meeting with him I just knew instantly he was the surgeon for me. We agreed on natural results, sizing that matched my body, and the subfascial (above the muscle) technique was 100% the route for me. I then made a joke how I wish the surgery could be tomorrow so that I didn’t back out, and then they told me there was an opening in 3 days. The next soonest available was a few weeks away. I wanted it done ASAP so I couldn’t change my mind and I also wanted it done while Jake was still living here and could help with the kids and I had friends in town because of spring training who could help with the kids while I recover. It worked out so perfectly! I hardly slept during those 3 days so I am so glad I got it done as quickly as I did. 

Alright so the actual procedure- wow. haha. Talk about getting worked up for no reason. I was so nervous for the anesthesia, rightfully so.. I feel like many people are. But it was seriously nothing. As soon as they brought me back to the operating room I started to panic.. it is just so bright and cold and you see the nurses in their scrubs.. always panics me honestly. So as soon as I laid down I just closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see the lights/everyone moving around me so I kept them closed. They put the mask over my nose and told me to take a few breaths and poof. I woke up an hour and a half later with new boobs haha. I was so confused because I thought I would have crazy dreams or something but nope. Just woke up and asked how it went and they said amazing. 

So the recovery part- I woke up having more pain than I thought I would. I guess I thought the drugs would numb me but I actually felt pain for the first two hours till I got home and took some pain pills. I would describe the pain as LITERALLY the exact same pain as when your milk comes in and your totally full. Moms, I know you know this feeling. Maybe it was worse for me because I let my milk dry up, but I have heard regardless that it is painful. If you don’t have kids.. this feels like a TIGHT, very tight because your boobs are SO swollen, and full feeling. My incision was under the boob, so in the crease/fold of my breast. But surprisingly I was more sore on my sideboob/armpit/rib. I hear this is normal and a lot of women felt this way! 

I stayed on top of my pain pills for the first 48 hours so honestly my pain was minimal. I rested but I also didn’t seclude myself in my bedroom. I was doing lots of house work and holding Jett by day 2. It was so much easier than I thought. The only time I felt pain was immediately in the mornings because I had been laying stiff all night so I was tight (you have to sleep sitting up at an angle for a while… that sucks). I also felt pain when I bend downward- as if I was shaving my legs. So it was only a downward and forward motion. That is really it! I am genuinely shocked how easy it was.

I am overall SO happy with how they look. I know with time they will look even better as they are less swollen and look even more natural, but I am already so happy with how they match my body. Below I am going to answer some questions you guys submitted on IG!

What size implants did you get?

I got 450 & 470 CC low profile silicone implants. I wanted a medium size, NATURAL “D” cup. The low profile means that they do not protrude off my chest ( don’t stick out far).  I wanted to keep my natural sag- some sag is good! 

Am I done having kids?

Yes. I got my tubes tied after Jett so I am done done haha. However, I would 100% have done them before kids. MANY women do. And they still breastfeed as well. 

Why did I get them done?

I wanted boobs that were proportionate to my body. I never wore bras- i hate them. So I wanted that sexy cleavage look but without a pushup bra. I also want to note that before surgery I explained how I would rather wake up with boobs that were too big, not too small. I wanted BOOBS. If I just wanted a up size bigger,  I would just wear a bra. This was personal opinion tho! I am so thankful for my surgeon who made the best decision in terms of sizing. He actually tried out like 4-5 different implant sizes before picking which one looked best on my body. 

What was the approx cost?

I paid around $9K. Which is exactly what I expected to pay. The average cost is $6-$10. Thankfully I live in Scottsdale- which is a major medical area so I have access to LOTS of surgeons and my options were not limited! I did pay a tad more for my over the muscle procedure but cannot recommend it enough. 

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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