How to Style Leopard Print

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I think that we can all agree on one thing- when we hear the words “animal print” we get some flash backs of Jersey Shore or maybe even our cheer bows in high school (Go Rockets!). RIGHT?! I would much rather say “leopard print” – because that is the only animal print I will ever wear. The zebra days are over, #sorry. 

Even just seeing the words leopard prints still gives me some sort of feeling of gaudy and tacky. But I actually LOVE leopard/cheetah print when it is done in a classy, minimalist way! Like literally, love. I think it can be very chic, very fun, and very much still in style! I just ordered Penelope a little leopard print bow and I can’t wait to see her sassy self in it!

There are 3 simple rules to follow when you’re feeling like showing your wild side with a fun animal print. See below!

  1. Keep it simple. The print itself is very bold. So there is no need to over do it! Pair a leopard sweater with plain black jeans or leggings and some brown booties (or Vans like these!). This is what I am wearing in the photo above. Both my sweater and denim underneath are from Target.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a full body outfit! The print is not over whelming at all, which is great for all you newbies 😉 If you’re still afraid to go this bold, start with a cheetah print accessory first!
  2. Less is more. No, I don’t mean wear less clothes when wearing cheetah print. ALTHOUGH, I do have an adorable cheetah print one piece But what I mean is, don’t go all out! If you want to wear the bold print, stick to a shirt, sweater, or even some classy pumps! I actually love how this mama blogger, Larissa, from  Living in Color Blog, styled a cute romper with some classy yet sassy leopard print heels! They would look great with jeans + a sweater for work, too. So what I am trying to say is, do not wear head to toe leopard print… please.
  3. Embrace it! Don’t worry about your leopard print outfit seeming silly, gaudy, or out of style. Leopard/cheetah print is timeless will always be in style! It is a beautiful print. And YOU look beautiful in it! Just remember to keep it simple + chic and you’ll never go wrong! Follow me on Pinterest where I am always pinning more outfit inspo!


Please remember my iPhone is broken and the camera won’t focus UGH!

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