How To Get a Vacay Glow

Anyone else not a big makeup fan when they’re on vacation? I feel like I don’t want to cake my face full of products when I don’t have ALL my skincare products with me due to traveling. I also just want something simple and natural! Its funny because I always bring a huge bag of makeup, but then I only use the same few products every time! 

These products are my go to products to create that beautiful vacay glow. They are all super lightweight and won’t melt off in the summer heat or sun. I am all about that glowey, hydrated look!

The Drunk Elephant D Bronzi can be mixed with a BB cream,  I use this one, to give a little more coverage. BB cream is great because it cancels out redness with light coverage, but it doesn’t feel super heavy or thick. When I am on vacation, however, I will just use the D Bronzi to give me color.

These other three products are also great for giving a glowey look. This Butter Bronzer has been my all time FAVE ever since I used it. It is also super affordable! It comes in two shades, I use the lighter one. It’s beautiful on the skin and it smells like heaven!!! Seriously. So good. 


My blush and highlighter are SUPER affordable and can be found at any drugstore too. These are perfect for summer and even the blush for fall too. I have had this blush forever and I think it might last me the rest of my life lol.

That is basically all I use on vacay or even just a SUPER quick every day look! I use this L’Oreal Double Extend mascara every day and I will never use a different mascara! This stuff is amazing! It does not budge or smear and it holds a curl so well. It is so cheap. You need to give it a try!

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