How I Style Myself for a Week of Games w/ UOI

Thank you to my girls at UOI for sponsoring this post and making sure my style is ON POINT at these games!

Happy Saturday! Unfortunately I am not excited to say the weekend is here because now Jake goes back on the road. Lucky for me I will be joining him next weekend, but still never makes it easier having the kids say goodbye!

We just finished up a week of games here in KC and we had the STRANGEST weather. One day it was 80 then suddenly it was hailing. Then some games were in 40s… I forgot how bipolar this midwest weather is!! Lucky for me, I had the most adorable wardrobe this week from UOI to help me keep up with this crazy weather + still look cute! Some people (okay everyone) asks why I am always dressed up at the games. Well, for starters. I attend a stupid number of games per season. So the last thing I want to wear every game is a Royals T-shirt or something lol. NO OFFENSE what-so-ever to the people who do! But for me, games are basically the only time I am leaving the house haha. So I enjoy getting “dressed up” and showing my own personal style. It’s a fun way to show who you are!

OK enough of that. Lets jump into how I style myself for a weeks worth of games! Just an FYI, if want any of these pieces, you can use code BREE15 for 15% off your purchase over at!

MONDAY- Bad Ass Biker Chick (LOL.. my alter ego)

I might have to wear this outfit EVERY game that Jake pitches because he had a great game on Monday night. Very close to a no-hitter and I was sitting front row for it! He must have seen how cute (I mean cold) I looked in the stands 😉

This entire outfit is head to toe UOI and I LOVED it! This Moto Jacket is to D I E for. It truly did keep me warm, too! I also had a turtleneck body suit underneath and it actually buttoned! haha. Most bodysuits don’t button on me so I was immediately in love. And then these jeans were perfect because no holes = extra warmth for me. I loved this whole outfit!

TUESDAY- Casual Vibes

OK you caught me. I didn’t ACTUALLY attend the game Tuesday. I was still at the stadium but only for a wives Bible Study. So I was just going for a comfy + casual look. This sweater is perfect for chilly Spring days! I love the pastel color and it is very warm! And these jeans made an appliance…again. This is going to become my “goto” travel look from now on!

WEDNESDAY- Trendy Chic

I loved the Moto  Jacket so much it had to make another appearance 😉 It was a day game and warm this day! These joggers are also EVERYTHING. So comfy and very casual OR dressy depending on your top! I actually paired them with a different blouse that night for our team dinner and it looked so dressy + chic. I’ve been dying for a pair of these jogger pants so I was excited to wear these!

And then this “Made in the 90s” tank… need I say anymore? I am the youngest wife on the team.. so I might as well embrace it;)

THURSDAY- the “I’m feeling lazy but still want to look cute” outfit

I mean.. this outfit title speaks for itself haha. How easy is this one?! An oversized thermal, denim shorts, and a statement sandal.  THAT WAS EASY! I love this thermal because it is long in the back. My other thermals are short and just look strange unless paired with high-waisted bottoms. So this top is very versatile, as well as these shoes. I love them SO much. I think leopard is so fun and tasteful when done in moderation!

FRIDAY- Cozy + Casual

This was like the easiest outfit! Oversized sweater, ripped denim, and cute shoes. Easy and adorable…sign me up. The hardest part is not spilling the pretzel cheese all over this adorable knit sweater haha. I love these jeans so much because they are long enough to be worn folded down or cuffed at the bottom. Most of my jeans are frayed at the bottom, which is cute, but makes it hard to wear certain shoes in this cold weather! This entire outfit is UOI head to toe as well!



So there it is! A week of looking cute for games. It was pretty easy thanks to UOI, no matter what the weather! Remember to check out their online store and use BREE15 for 15% off!

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