How I Sleep like a Baby… With a Baby!

This blog post is sponsored by Sleep Number but is my honest opinion and review. 

I think my number one question that I have been getting asked since having Jett is, “How has he been sleeping?” And I am very hesitant to always answer… BUT… Jett has been a rockstar sleeper since basically he was born! **knock on wood** He is only two months old, but there truly hasn’t been a night where I feel like I can’t get him calmed down.

Sure there are nights where he is waking up every three hours, but I do manage to also sleep like a baby while he’s sleeping! I owe this all to my Sleep Number bed. 10/10 recommend this bed! We actually got our Sleep Number bed 4 years ago right before I had my twins and it STILL lives up to the hype! This bed has now been through 3 kids, 3 different homes, and it still feels heavenly as soon as my body hits the mattress every night. 

I will admit I was so so skeptical and hesitant when my husband said he wanted to buy a Sleep Number 4 years ago. It is a pricey bed and most definitely an investment- but that is exactly how he sold me on the bed. It is an investment in your sleep for many, many years to come. And like I said; this bed has been through a lot with us but it still is just as amazing as when we got it. 

You seriously would not believe the amount of times Jake and I said “I just want to be home in the Sleep Number” during this baseball season while we were living in Kansas. We honestly have withdrawals lol! I loved it so much during my pregnancy because you can adjust your number (how firm/soft you want) and it won’t change your partner’s number. This was MAJOR KEY because as my belly was growing I needed my side of the bed to be softer. And then after I had my babies, I needed my side of the bed to be more firm since I was recovering from a major surgery. 

Being a mom means I already get very little sleep. That is why it is so important for me to make sure the sleep that I do get is quality! Our Sleep Number bed allows me to function on whatever amount of sleep I get. It also means that when we have two adults, two 4 year olds, a newborn and a 50 pound dog in the bed… we still get the sleep we deserve. 

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