How I Beat My Dry Skin (Drunk Elephant Review)

Hi girls! Today I am going to be sharing my personal review/opinions on a new skin care line I have been using. This is NOT a sponsored post! I just want to share an honest review about something new I’ve been using because I genuinely love this skin care line! And a TON of you keep asking me how I handle my dry skin… tada, this is it!

My previous routine was one that I loved and had been using for quite a while. I still encourage others to follow that routine, too! The reason I wanted to switch was because my skin was LEGIT dryer than the desert!! Not even joking. I have always had dry, flakey skin. And my previous skin care routine did a pretty good job tackling that issue. I also have acne prone skin- which I felt the old skin care routine did a great job tackling that as well.

But after switching my birth control and diet around, my skin went to a whole new level of dryness! Like as soon as I applied my makeup (even with moisturizing before hand) my face would just start flaking and peeling. It was so strange! So finally I decided to give this Drunk Elephant a try! I had seen a few bloggers and even some friends use it, and every single one of them SWORE by it. Said it changed their skin completely! So I had to give it a try.


No joke, two days after using it my skin has never flaked again! My skin has been SO hydrated and soft and just feels nourished! (is that a thing?? Because it is now). 

Now this skin care line is not cheap. Do not let me fool you lol. But their whole philosophy is what makes it worth the money (and the fact that it REALLY works!) All of their products are fragrance free- which is great because usually that is what is truly irritating your skin! They are also free of alcohol, which is terrible for dry skin, and also silicones- another harsh ingredient that is common in makeup and skin care!

I decided to get the travel size kit to test out the products and then I also ordered full size of a few products that I felt confident This is a skin care LINE. Meaning, the products work best when used TOGETHER. But by no means do you need to go out and spend $9483579286  on products that may not give you the results you want. So I recommend doing the travel sizes! There ARE products in this line that I could live without . SO below I have listed the products I have tried and my honest review of them!!

So when you purchase the travel kit for $80, this is what you receive: (** they have since updated the travel size package and it is different products, But you can still buy it certain places! I got mine off Amazon!)

Baby JuJu & Baby Pekee bar soapSo here is my opinion.. I love these bars of soap. I never thought I would. I almost did not get this skin care line because bars of soaps have always kind of weirded me out. And also, I feel like face wash is least important step.. is that bad?!?! Of course you want it to get the dirt off!! But what you apply after the cleanser is so much more important for preventing breakouts and nourishing the skin! That is just my opinion though. Even though I was not very found of the bars of soap, I have since totally changed my mind! I love them! Washing my face in the morning was never part of my routine, but since I have the bars of soap I wanted to give it a shot and I seriously love it! Especially if I sleep with an acne treatment on- so nice to wash it off with cool water in the morning. The bars of soap DO NOT leave my skin dry like normal soap does. They are surprisingly very hydrating! Could we live without them? yes.  But will I continue using them? You bet. 

C-Firma™ Day Serum- OK so this the only product that I have mixed reviews on! Everyone else who loves DE says this is their favorite product! I have to say.. I don’t notice/feels the benefits of this! It is designed to be applied in the morning- so maybe that is why I am not super keen on it.. because I am not a morning product person? But it is designed to give the skin a boost of all the good stuff! Antioxidants, nutrients, Vitamin D benefits, all meant to firm and brighten! I, personally, think it is a little sticky in the formula. And like I said, I do not see it working as well as the other products. But maybe that’s because I was SO dry that I am crediting all the moisturizers for changing my skin?! It is not a must for me, but worth a try for you!

T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum- Alright, now we’re getting to the things I love haha. This is a great product! Helps with creating a smoother surface by lifting dead skin cells. It also helps to even your complexion and has Salicylic Acids to help fight breakouts. I fully believe in this product and all its benefits! I 10/10 will be buying this full size!

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil- Wooooweeee. Another item I love! Since I am so dry, I love almost face oils. I think I love them more than lotions! This Marula oil is designed to moisturize, rejuvenate, and give the skin a pretty glow. uhhhhh…heck yes! This oil fights wrinkles and fine lines, and helps eliminate redness. I really love using this oil right after the night serum because it provides an extra boost hydration. Definitely buying this full size, too!

Lala Retro™ Whipped CreamYou would think that since I have dry skin I would be all over this cream… sadly that is not the case. I am NOT saying that I don’t like it, because I do like it! But I do not love it. It is too thick.. ahem  *whipped cream*. I genuinely love the formula and how smooth it is. It does not feel thick ON the skin. But applying it does feel rather thick. Instead of using this at night, I use this in the morning after washing my face. I will not be buying this product in full size. Instead, I bought two other moisturizers full size! See below.

Umbra Sheer™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30- Sunscreen is sunscreen, right? As long as it is blocking the harmful rays then it is fine by me. I have not been using this often since I have been avoiding the sun on my eyebrows because I got them microbladed. But I have used it twice and it did the job! Probably won’t buy full size though.. sorry!

SO overall, the travel size was a good purchase. Actually, GREAT purchase. I love basically all the products and it gave me a good idea of what I should spend my money on for full size. I did take a friend’s advice and buy two full size products right off the bat without trying the smaller sizes. She swears she couldn’t live without these two (and I trust her opinion) So I bought the two products below and they are actually my FAVE items. I could not live without them.

Protein Polypeptide Cream- This. Is. A. Must. This is better than any lotion that I have ever used! This moisturizer is the bees knees. They compare this product to “adding a cup of protein to your smoothie”. THEY AIN’T LYING! This will give your skin a boost of amino acids and peptides to even the skin tone, texture and firm your skin to make it stronger and moisturized. Yes Yes Yes. I’ll take 10 plz.

B- Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel- “A cool glass of water for your thirsty skin” Yeah when I read that I was like OK sign me up I need it haha (was not lying about my dry skin!) I love this because the gel is so replenishing and soothing. I mix this WITH the cream I just listed and I love the combo!

Overall I am SO happy with this skin care line and will continue to use it! Now if you guys follow me on Instagram, you know I  currently have a terrible breakout on one of my cheeks. And I will say that if you have VERY acne prone skin, then these products don’t necessarily fight acne. They balance the skin, hydrate it, and help to even out skin tones. On all other parts of my face, I have no pimples and my skin is so tight and smooth! So clearly this routine is working. But my one breakout is a hormonal breakout from a birth control change- not much I can do about it honestly. I am working with a dermatologist to get my cheek back to normal but hormonal breakouts are deep and nasty and they take A LOT of time to disappear. So I am still using all these products that I love and also some creams/medicine from my dermatologist to fight this breakout!

But coming from someone with dry skin who was applying lotion to my skin 4 times a day, this skin care line was like a breath of fresh air to get my skin balanced out and back on track! I am so happy with how my skin looks and feel (minus my one cheek area..BUT WHATEVER!!!) 

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