Hair Hacks + Tips for Blondes!

Phew! Long time coming with this post, but I wanted to make sure I had all my information straight and ready to share with y’all! I am so glad to finally share my hair secrets. By no means am I a hair goddess or do I have “dream worthy” hair. But I do have blonde hair…. and if you’re a blonde.. then you know that it means MAJOR upkeep! And if you have been following me for a while, you know that my hair used to be short as heck and super unhealthy. Continue reading to see my tips for how I completely changed the health and appearance of my hair!


Freshman year of high school (nine years ago) I decided to C H O P  my hair. It was down past my boobs and I got it cut shorter than my shoulders. As the years went on, my hair just would not grow. I continued to keep it short because it was just getting awkward. It had been through the ringer with box dyes, perms (Good Lord…..), and even at home cuts. It never seemed to actually grow. During college I decided to stop cutting it. I just finally let it grow and push passed the awkward phase. I died it darker and tried to let it get healthy on its own. It did start to grow! And then once I reached my second year of college, I got pregnant.. aka… the alternative for getting your hair to grow quicker! It was finally long but it still wasn’t truly healthy. It was being washed every day, I was using too much heat, I was using the wrong products… Lots of trial and error went into getting me to where I am today, but things finally got better once I started seeing my new hairstylist who completely changed the structure of my hair and made these curls what they are today!! She started as my hair stylist and then became an amazing friend of mine, even spending some major holidays together and  being a bridesmaid of mine- Kailee Krouse ! I owe my entire hair health to this girl. She is a hair magician. So Arizona girls… make your appointments.  Now.

Ok. Time for the good stuff!


  1. Find a stylist you trust. That is so cliche, but seriously. Your stylist literally determines how you are going to look for the next few months!! You cannot just trust any joe-shmoe. You need someone who is experienced and will listen to what you want. If you are new to an area, ask girls who does their hair! And make sure you do your research. I know it is hair and it will just grow back, but if you’re not happy with the outcome then it is going to be a miserable next few months.
  2. Limit the heat + washes. It is honestly almost like a competition between me and my best friends now. We will be like “oh I am on day 4 of no washing..” “Yeah? Well I’m on 1 whole week” It is also becoming less frowned upon. I feel like you used to get judged when you didn’t wash your hair often, but now it is totally the cool thing to do (weird I know) which is awesome because limiting the hair washes is SO good for your hair!! I often hear people say that their hair just gets too dirty to quick. Yes, that is true in the beginning. But if you push past that first few dirty days, I promise it will get better! Washing your hair too often actually dries out your hair follicles and damages your hair causing breakage. I wash mine about twice a week, sometimes once. I also only blow dry when necessary- like when I have somewhere to be. And I also use a heat protectant- this being my favorite from Kenra! and giiiiiiirl, this stuff smells amazing!  And let me just say this- yes, I workout often, basically every day. But that still doesn’t mean I have to wash my hair every day! if necessary, I will blow dry my hair if it is too sweaty and then apply this dry shampoo from Batiste, which is the most bang for your buck!
  3. Invest in your hair. Good God, if my husband only knew the amount of money I have sitting in my cabinets in hair products alone… he would send me back to work! Good, HEALTHY hair is not going to be cheap. Sorry sis! Just isn’t going to happen. So many girls are ruining their hair from using drugstore shampoo + conditioner. Ugh.. if you only knew how bad that stuff was! It is composed of so many chemicals that leave a nasty film of plastic on your hair, which basically is melting on to your hair when you use heat 🙁 You need to start with good shampoo + conditioner. Now personally, I alternate mine every 3 washes. I will explain more below. Sounds high maintenance but uh.. yeah I am so oh well 🙂 My all time Pureologyfavorite brand is . The scent. The texture. The outcome. It creates dream hair. I also love to use Goldwell, which is great for repairing hair.
  4. After shower routine. Ok, so here is my favorite part. And in my opinion, it is the most important (and expensive). What is really going to change the texture and overall feel of your hair is going to be the products you apply to it while damp. This will decide how it dries and how it feels. I want mine to feel as smooth as possible. And smell good too! Again, I use a variety of products. My go to three are listed below. I could name all of them…. but this post may never end then.
    1. Unite hair oil– little bit goes a long way. I love this for the smoothness and shine that it brings to my hair. I have always felt it is important to start with an oil of some sort after washing your hair so this is my go to first step! Less is more with this product!
    2. Pureology Strength Care- wooowee! I love this stuff. This another serum that prevents breakage and preps the hair for any heat you are about to use. I love this product because it makes styling and brushing so much easier after.
    3. Formula 18- This is a leave in conditioner spray that I bought from my stylist. It’s pretttttty expensive, and I couldn’t find it online so I’m sorry 🙁 But this stuff is amazing! I think this what makes my hair soo freaking soft.
  5. Budget. Alright. So as if buying all the nice hair products didn’t break the bank already.. now its time to talk about the routine upkeep that comes along with being a girl- especially a blonde! Gosh, I love having blonde hair. But I will be the first to admit that it is a lot of work! Luckily, I have found some hair hacks to help keep things more affordable. Starting with limiting the amount of times I get my hair died. Sure, I see my stylist quite a bit. But something many people don’t realize is that majority of time we just do touch-ups and nothing all over. This saves her time in her schedule and saves me some money! Try asking your hair stylist if she does partial foils, meaning not your entire head which takes all day. Also see if you can just come in for a few foils around your face/glaze your hair. This is what I do between my major hair appointments. We just touch up with a few foils to brighten my hair and I feel so much better. Not every stylist will do this.. but it is worth asking! Also, if you are blonde, I HIGHLY recommend using a purple shampoo once a week or every other wash (depending how often you wash!) Every other wash for me is like once every two weeks lol. This eliminates that inevitable yellow, brassy undertones that is always haunting us blondes! I recommend using this Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. Works like a charm. And it is approved by hair stylist so it must be legit 😉
  6. Art of Curling. You can fool anyone into thinking that you have dream worthy hair if you can master the art of curling. It took me roughly….. 21 years.. so no rush. None at all. I really didn’t get good at curling until 1) I found my stylist and 2) I watched a lot of YouTube videos. side note: I am one of those people who can lay in bed and watch tutorials all night long. No shame. So between trial and error and also observing, I finally learned how to curl my hair! How you decide to curl your hair is totally your call. You know what looks best on yourself. For me, it is the loose, brushed out curls that are tossed and simple. Like a totally natural look.. except with a curling iron haha. Here is a tutorial from the salon I go to called Habit. They are known for their “Habit” curls- which are basically the perfect curls. Take a look. It is actually a lot easier to achieve that you think! I also use a1 1/4 inch curling iron from Babyliss Pro. I will be doing a video soon so stay tuned!

Alright guys! Hope you survived that lengthy, detailed post! I want us all to have perfect hair so we can be confident and happy with how we look. I also don’t want you to break your bank trying to do so, so remember to take it easy, talk to a stylist, and do whatever it is that works for you! Hope this helped you guys.



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