Guest Bedroom Reveal with Lorena Canals

We always said we wouldn’t get a dog until maybe we were done with baseball. We travel so much and adding a pup to the mix would really just complicate things. But then it happened. We were at the right place at the right time and I fell sooo in love with this little girl. I had to have her. The very next day we adopted her and it has been the best choice we’ve ever made! She completes the family. She is one of us.

But unlike us, who are all potty trained, this little Lady is not yet there lol. We knew this would be a challenge that comes along with getting a puppy so we’re not complaining..too much. She almost has it down! But one of her favorite things to do is mysteriously escape upstairs into the newly decorated guest bedroom and do her business where we can’t see her. It’s such a pleasant surprise to find a few days later -_-

THANKFULLY we have this Lorena Canals rug that is machine washable. Yeah. You read that correct. You throw it in the wash to clean it. How easy is that?! It has made caring for this pup a whole lot more tolerable! The quality of the rug is amazing. It does not feel like a cheap rug that is designed to be washed. It feels and looks like a beautiful statement piece in any room.

What I love most about the rugs, besides being washable, is that the designs are so beautiful. They can be chic for living room areas, or playful for children’s rooms. Lorena Canals offers a variety of rugs (we have the Air Canyon Rose Rug!) and all of them are beautiful! I am starting to think I need to cover our entire home in these machine washable rugs because…#twintoddlers and #puppylife. Between the 3 of these crazies, there are always messes being made around the house! At least I can sleep easy knowing that ONE of the rooms will be an easy clean up lol. Use this link to order your Lorena Canals rug! They offer other amazing products such as washable cushions, blankets, and baskets! The products pair well with children’s rooms or for other home decor. I think I will be using this brans when it is time to redecorate the playroom! Those cushions are adorable.

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