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Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is relaxing today. Even though Sunday’s are definitely for coffee + relaxation, that doesn’t mean you can’t workout! A lot of people have reached out to me about what my fitness and diet plan is. I’m flattered honestly! Means a lot to me that people are interested in what I am doing to stay healthy. Today I’m going to touch base on what my fitness “plan” is but The diet is just not worthy of me sharing because I basically eat whatever I want. Ooops. I eat healthy for the most part, but I splurge on treats. Sweets are my weakness.  Oh and pizza. And chicken nuggets. So basically I just eat whatever…but I will start working on that soon!

As far as my fitness “plan” which I wouldn’t even call a plan really… I just make it an objective to hit the gym 5 days a week. They aren’t always Monday – Friday because we are often out of town for baseball, but I feel my best when I’m getting 5 solid days in.

Before the wedding I was doing mainly cardio/HIIT workouts. I wasn’t really touching any weights (which was hard for me because that is all I’m used to). I started following the BBG by Kayla Itsinesthat I borrowed from a friend. I’ve started it a few times but always dropped off because I was bored. This time I stuck to it for about 8/10 weeks and then I kept the basic plan of it but substituted my own workouts in. I really enjoyed these workouts because they definitely helped me lean out! I wasn’t trying to grow muscle at all. I knew exactly how I wanted to look in my custom-made wedding gown- dainty and delicate. Which is exactly how I felt the day of!

Now that the wedding is over and I’ve gone through enough withdrawal from not lifting.. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard now! I still love to do the circuits, but I mainly focus on weights or adding weights to the circuits. With that being said, I have a very busy, very “go go go” mindset with the gym (and life) so even when I am lifting heavy I like to limit the rest periods and always keep my heart rate up. I would like to think I lift semi-heavy…meaning it’s not body weight but not body building material. I usually focus on low weight high rep, always sticking to 12-15 reps of my exercises. Legs I usually do 10 reps and tend to go heavier because I’m trying to shape the booty. I have always lacked definition in my legs but they are surprisingly really strong and I always impress myself when squatting.

As for my workouts, like I said I focus on 5 days a week. I ALWAYS start with legs. I think that gets me the most hyped and ready to tackle the week.

  • Day one I focus on legs– mainly my quads.
  • Day two I focus on biceps and back.
  • Day three is cardio/abs. And I mean really focus on abs! I only do abs once a week, but I will do 35 minutes of abs. If you’re dedicating other full days to focusing on one body part then why just focus on abs for 10 minutes after a workout?! They deserve a whole day too! These days I also make sure in my cardio I am getting A LOT of squats/jump lunges in to keep up heart rate and burn my booty.
  • Day four I allow my legs to recover from cardio/lunges and I do triceps/chest/shoulders. This is the day I’m guilty of skipping. I have very weak triceps-zero definition because I like to focus on my biceps. Guilty pleasure. But I am working on this!
  • Day five I got legs again- emphasis on booty and hamstrings.
  • Weekends I usually only go one day and I do a full body workout.

That’s basically the routine I follow! As for the exact workouts, I’m constantly switching it up. I follow a lot of Instagram fitness accounts.. my faves being Cara Loren, who shares her life of fashion + fitness, Cristina Capron, who has killer videos, and Kelsey Wells, who pictures always motivate me to hit the gym!

So I will usually incorporate a few new workouts. But I mainly follow these workouts below (for the most part). I found this about two years ago on Pinterest and it’s been my go to when I’m blanking on exercises. I really like everything listed and especially the four sets of 15! Like I said, I am constantly switching things up…but that’s what keeps me interested! I get bored in the gym easily.


I can now confidently say that I love my body. People always say “I can’t believe you have twins look at you”. Ya same girl I’m in denial too lol. But it’s all about how you treat your body. I’ve never been over weight. And I’ve never been under weight. HOWEVER my appearances has fluctuated a lot. I’ve had a chubby face and thick thighs and all that before. But I have always always always worked hard in the gym to keep my body HEALTHY and love the way I look. When I found out my mom had cancer, I made a promise to myself (wrote it on paper and everything) that I would always focus on my health. It’s not always about appearances.. I say always because we are women and we are born to be self-conscious. But the moment I heard “cancer” I ran through all these scenarios in my head like maybe if we were more active or maybe if we ate salads for dinner or blah blah. I could blame us for everything… but there are just certain things you cannot prevent. But from that moment on I knew that I wanted to do whatever I could to keep my mind and body healthy and happy.

I hope this helped everyone to understand the “structure” to my fitness plan! Let me know what else you guys want to know! I like that everyone has been asking me questions and stuff so keep it up 😉

**this is my personal fitness program. Do whatever FEELS best for YOU**

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