Dyson v7 Pros & Cons

This post is NOT sponsored by Dyson, just sharing my opinion and experience with y’all! 

Very few things make me happier than clean floors. Is that odd? I love being able to walk around barefoot without feeling sand + dirt + crumbs on the bottoms of my feet. While that rarely happens because #twins, it has been happening a lot less since we took the plunge and bought our Dyson vacuum!! I can honestly say it has been our BEST home item we have ever purchased. It is an expensive item, I know. But that is why I am giving you a review of the vacuum today so you can decide if it is a good fit for you guys!

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When I had previously shared that we were interested in getting one. a lot you guys had very strong and very different opinions on the Dyson vacuum! Now that I have owned one and have seen it work, I can see where the different opinions come in to play. So today I am going to give you the pros and cons of the Dyson v7 motorhead, which is the one we decided on! For comparison/background, before the Dyson we had a Shark, which I hear are very comparable. I liked our Shark, it was the exact same style as the Dyson we now own (skinny, light weight..). What I didn’t like about the Shark was that it had a cord. To me that was annoying and caused me to reach for the broom when I needed a quick clean up. But now that we have the cordless Dyson, I haven’t used a broom AT ALL. Things that I would normally sweep up, such as crumbs from after dinner or sand from outside or dust from God only knows where, I now just the vacuum because it is SO quick to grab the Dyson and immediately put it to use. I know it sounds so silly, but having a cordless vacuum has made it MUCH more convenient for our needs.

So would a cordless Shark had been the same as the Dyson? I don’t know. Maybe. Honestly the Dyson is just so lightweight and has great suction. BUT the Dyson may not fit YOUR family needs. So here are my pros and cons for you to consider before buying!


  • Cordless. Cordless. CORDLESS!!! I can’t get over HOW important this was. I didn’t even know I needed a cordless vacuum until I bought a cordless one lol. It makes cleaning up a small mess SO much better than having to plug in/wrap up a cord. 
  • The suction is great. It truly gets EVERYTHING. We have a sandbox outside and sand is always inside. I may as well just live at the beach right? But this thing really gets the sand well! I vacuum by the door probably 3-4 times a day (it’s THAT sandy..) but I don’t even mind because..ahem… CORDLESS IS SO QUICK. 
  • Floor friendly! Works on my rugs (we have no carpet) and also my hardwood. It makes a seamless transition between the two. 
  • Maneuvers so well. I feel like I am driving in the NASCAR with this because the steering is so precise and you can move it so effortlessly. It doesn’t take much strength to get this thing going.
  • Lightweight. Another huge plus. It is very light, which helps with the maneuvering as well.
  • 2 modes- MAX (basically all I use) or power mode, which still works but uses less suction to reserve the battery mode. Speaking of battery.. lets head to the cons.


  • Battery life. OK. SO this was the #1 thing people warned me about. A lot of my followers said they couldn’t do their whole house with out the vacuum dying. I PERSONALLY do not experience this issue. The vacuum lasts for 30 minutes when fully charged. Rarely EVER am I vacuuming for more than 30 minutes?! We have a large two-story house with NO carpet. I admit I rarely ever vacuum upstairs, but our main floor is large and does not take me 30 minutes lol. Like I stated before, this is the perfect vacuum for quick cleanups. I will vacuum the whole house before I mop to get my floors REALLY clean and this works for ME. But if you have a mansion of a home with LOTS of carpet.. this battery won’t last.
  • Not carpet friendly. Yes, I said it worked on my rugs and hardwood. But if you have FLUFFY, SHAGGY carpet, this is not for you! The suction would not be strong enough to do an entire home of carpet. If your carpet is low and not thick, then I think this would still work for you!
  • Charging. It is cordless, so it obviously has to charge somehow. I keep ours plugged in whenever it is not in use just so that the battery is charged and ready to go for whenever I need it. I keep it hidden in our home near an outlet, but that is something you should consider before buying!
  • The trigger. There is no on/off button for this vacuum. Instead it is a trigger that you hold down with your finger to turn on vacuum. Its quick and easy, but I will say sometimes my finger cramps up as silly as that is.. lol. 

So there you have it! If you have kids who make frequent messes and you have a lot of hardwood, this vacuum will rock your world! But if you have thick carpets and need a constant deep clean, you may want to try a Dyson that plugs in! Shop this post below!

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