Cute + Casual

Those too words up^^? Yeah, probably my two favorite words ever. Especially when we’re talking about an outfit! I like to think that my style is always very causal. But “causal” has its own definition to each and every person. Nothing wrong with that!

To me, casual is always comfy. If it is not comfortable, odds are I am not wearing it. I cannot stand being out in shoes that aren’t comfortable or a dress that I feel I can’t move in without showing the world my goodies. So for me, casual is something I feel comfortable in- literally and physically. This outfit is the definition of comfortable. The skirt is a good length so I don’t feel exposed, and honestly… I could probably get away without wearing a bra with this sweater LOL. Basically my idea of a sporty spice;)

This whole outfit is SUPER affordable. The oversized knit is from a small boutique in Cleveland called Intro Boutique. I got it while I was there watching Jake play. Sadly they do not have an online website, but I have linked some similar tops at the end of the post!

This skirt, also very affordable, is from Forever21. Every girl needs a denim skirt and the reason I love this one is because it has a good length to it. It is very hard for me to find skirts because my torso is awkwardly long and I also have long legs, so for the skirt to fit me around my belly button, that usually means my booty cheeks will hang out. So I could not pass up this skirt when I saw it! Sadly, they no longer have it. But luckily Forever 21 has 100+ denim skirts lol.

This adorable little crossbody purse was a heck of find at Marshalls I believe! Whenever people see it they always say, “Awhhh! Is this your daughter’s purse?!” LOL. Nope. It’s mine! It is so fun and so cute and it was only $12 or so?!? It really brings life to a simple outfit.

My shoes + hat are from Adidas. The shoes particularly are from Nordstrom Rack and they are hands down my BEST purchase to date! I had always wanted a pair of the classic Adidas sneakers, but Jake always talked me out of it (rude). But one day I saw these on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $40 and I could not pass it up! PLUS these are memory foam and they are the absolute BEST to wear!!

Looking forward to sharing more fashion posts this year! Please let me know what y’all wanna see! Happy Monday!

Here is my outfit + some similar options. Click the photos to shop!


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