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Let’s just skip my apology for lack of blogging and hop right into what I am here to talk about today- my current obsessions! These are products/items that I am loving right now and using all the time. From beauty to fashion to daily life… these are just a few of the items I would be willing to save from a fire during this point in life. OK that was dramatic, I know, but I wanted to emphasize how much I love these things right now! So lets dive right in!

  1. Hourglass Primer- Holy hell. Talk about a worthy splurge!! I bought this Hourglass Veil Primer about two months ago and it was love at first sight. I actually wore it on my wedding day but finally decided to buy my own and I can notice quite the difference when I do wear this product! My makeup lasts all day and doesn’t cake up. It stays smooth and in place! This is absolutely worth the money, ladies.
  2. Epsom Bath Salt– This is soooo basic, but I have been taking a lot of baths lately and I love this Epsom Bath Salt to help me relax + soothe my sore muscles! I buy the eucalyptus scent bath salts and I pair it with……
  3. Eucalyptus + Mint candle. I have never been so excited about purchasing candles as I was when I’ve bought these from World Market. They are perfect!! If you love the Bath & Body stress relief lotion then you need these. They smell identical. I get compliments on them all the time when I have them lit in my kitchen.
  4. Espresso Machine- I could cry thinking about this. Seriously.  I am beyond grateful that my husband has become a coffee lover and he felt it was necessary for us to own our own espresso machine. It took us forever to research and decide on a brand, but we finally chose the Saeco PicoBaristo and we could not be happier!! It is SO easy to use and basically cleans itself! It is pricey- trust me, we know. But we bought ours on sale PLUS we had a coupon. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a holiday sale if you’re interested!
  5. Matte Powder- I am typically more of a glowey, hint of sparkle, type of skin girl.. but with it becoming fall/winter, I have been doing more of a matte skin look and I am LIVING in this Rimmel Stay Matte powder! I am also LIVING for the price! lol… but really.. I have not been wearing foundation lately. Instead I have been wearing a BB cream so I love using this light weight powder to set my face but still giving me some type of coverage to build up when necessary. I totally recommend trying this! It is so cheap so why not?! I even use a lighter shade to set my concealer. 10/10 recommend for those busy/lazy days!
  6. Hydro Flask- So I have been using this for months. Like I carry it everywhere. But these past few weeks I have been really using my Hydro Flask. Perfect size/color and it is totally convenient for the busy mom who is constantly sharing her water with two dehydrated children who swig it down in a matter of minutes. Mine is the 32 ounce when and I aim for 2-3 refills a day.
  7. Apple Watch- I don’t have one. But I really freaking want one to track my workouts. So Jake, if you’re reading this…. I really want one for Christmas 😉
  8. Lululemon Tanks- Who doesn’t love Lulu tanks?? Well these Back In Action Tanks are SO nice. The cut on them is so flattering and you never feel like you’re over exposed. Plus the colors that are available are gorgeous. I own this in a few colors and love wearing it to the gym! 
  9. Oribe Texture- Looking to splurge on your hair? Look no further. If you like to curl your hair and also love that beachy look, then you need this Oribe Texture Spray ! This product is the krabby patty secret ingredient to those perfect, textured curls. I use this instead of hairspray to hold my curls and it is so worth the money. Makes my curls last much longer!
  10. BB Cream- In reference to my BB cream I was talking about earlier, this Dr. Brandt Beauty Balm is awesome. Now of course everyone has different skin types so this may not be best for you. But I have dry skin and this gives me a great dewy finish that I can make matte with the powder listed above, or leave dewy. I love this for the sole purpose that it is light weight. Meaning I don’t feel caked up or anything like that!
  11. Cleaning Products- When I say I use these daily… I mean every. single. day. Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender ScentAnd this scent is AMAZING! is exactly what every home needs. I use the fragrance spray, the disinfectant spray, the candles, the multi surface concentrate (mix with water for your floors and WOW what an aroma + clean floors!) and so much more! I truly recommend this brand above other cleaning products I have tried.


Well that’s enough for now. My list could go on and on, but I will leave it with those 11 essential items that I am loving right now! Hope you guys can try some and be sure to let me know what you think!


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