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Hi friends! It has been awhile since I did a beauty post! I just wanted to quickly share some new products that I have been loving. I’m not sure what it is about makeup but I freaking love buying it!! I’m sorry Jake.. but I have a serious issue lol. I don’t even wear makeup that much. I only put it on for games that I am attending. But for some reason I just love trying new things! Ok enough chatting. Here are my current faves:

NARS Radiant Wear Foundation- y’all already about my dry skin issues. This stuff is SO nice for a full coverage, dewy look. I wouldn’t say I love a dewy glow, but I definitely do not like my skin to be matte since I am so dry. I love this foundation for 2 reasons. 1) it is very dewy! and you can leave it dewy, or you can add a loose powder over top to even it out. (this is what I do since I don’t want a full dewy look.. just a subtle glow!) and reason #2) FULL coverage! My current breakouts on my cheek are starting to go away (hallelujah) but of course the stubborn red marks are left over. I know this will take time to clear up, but until then.. I will be using this foundation to conceal those red marks and give me an even base!

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Mist- Ok I know I said I don’t like a legit dewy glow.. but here I am naming another dewy product so maybe I do lol. I could bathe in this stuff guys!! But it’s expensive… so I won’t.. But I truly do love it. A little bit goes a long ways. I have been using this to set my face lately instead of an actual setting spray because there is no alcohol in it to dry you out. I also use it on my cheek bones for an extra boost of highlight. I am going to get the mini size to carry around in my purse for when my makeup starts to flake because it does a good job of hydrating the skin. You can also use it on bare skin (no make up) just for an extra boost of hydration!

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask- I have always been a fan of this skin care line. Its genuine, affordableish, and works well. I started using this mask to brighten my face and reduce the red marks left from my nasty breakout. I like to exfoliate and then leave this on overnight on just my blemish marks! The directions say only 20 minutes but… yolo. I do see a difference in my skin when I wash it off! I am doing this about twice a week.

Tarte- I was bored with my old blushes and I also broke, I mean legit shattered, every Becca highlighter I bought.. so I decided to try something new and these are amazing! This blush is shade risqué and it is such a warm, pretty pink with a hint of coral. I almost thought it was going to be too warm but I am so glad I got this shade! Also this highlighter is shade stunner and is so pretty on the skin. It isn’t too glittery, but yet it gives you a radiant glow.

MAC Matte Lipsticks- Finally I am a proud owner of multiple MAC shades. I somehow managed to leave all my lip colors in Arizona when we left for the season, so I had no choice but to buy new ones. I have always loved NYX glosses but I wanted something a bit stronger! I love the matte formula of these MAC lipsticks because they are actually very smooth. I would never have thought they were “matte” because they go on very velvety! The shades I am loving are Honey Love, Runway Hit, Velvet Teddy, and Persistence.

 L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara- The mother of all mascaras!!!! I can’t believe I haven’t shared this yet. Awhile ago I posted on my Insta stories about how my mascara always always always ends up under my eyes! No matter how expensive, waterproof or not, it would NOT stay put. I just have naturally squinty eyes. Someone recommended this and I decided to give it a try. HOLY HELL it is so amazing! It has a primer so it makes the mascara literally smudge proof! I’m not very picky on length/fullness, I just wanted a mascara that would not smudge or flake. This gives my lashes the length and volume they deserve and also doesn’t budge at all! And it is SO affordable. Please give it a try I promise you’ll love it! I also use this L’Oreal one pictured for my “laid back” days. Is that a thing? Not sure. But this one is good for a quick coat! It also has a primer but does not stay on as long as the other one I listed. Both are affordable options and you should own both!

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