Collab with Erin Condren

Life has had us all over the place lately.. literally. We have been to so many states, moved to Illinois, moved back to Arizona and so on. It’s been hard to keep our routine the same, but luckily I have had an amazing collaboration with Erin Condren, designer of the BEST planners, to keep my anxiety in line during all this chaos!

Now luckily for me, I am a stay at home mom so it doesn’t seem like I would have a lot to write in a planner. But between the three of us and our doctor appointments, our moves, the never ending grocery lists, etc… A well thought out planner has been GOLD to us! 

Erin Condren creates so much more than just a planner! She creates a tool to help you stay organized, goal oriented, and the ability to stress less about your schedule and enjoy more family time. Each planner is picked by you, down to the smallest details. They are so personalized and so trendy. She also creates some amazzzing accessories to go with your planner! My absolute favorite is the meal planner insert because it allows us to write out our meals for a week and make sure we have everything from the grocery store. Another great accessory is the elastic bands used to mark your planner for the current week, making it easy to open right to the current day.

These products all have given us a huge hand in helping us to simplify life and enjoy the bigger moments. And so for these Pajamas….. must I say anymore? Don’t we all feel like we got our sh*t together when we wear a matching pajama set?! They’re soft, cute, and basically as life changing as the planner itself!

If you guys aren’t familiar with the planners, you get to design them yourself! There are unlimited options for covers, layouts, length, and so on. It took me a whole to decide what I wanted. If you are interested in making a purchase use my link below! You’ll receive $10 off your purchase! Just create an account so you will be able to place and track your order, then do your shopping and receive $10 off!

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All photos by Mari Trancoso



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