Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was another great adventure for us! The zoo was huge and it had a ton of animals. We try to go zoos in every town we visit. It’s like our little thing we do every where we go! This was one of the better zoos we’ve been to because I liked the variety of animals and the amount of animals. I will say the layout of the zoo is kind of complicated because I felt like we kept missing sections. But it was an overall great time!

RANDOM- but my favorite part was when we were looking at the orangutans and there was this one who was just staring right at us. Then he grabbed his blanket and put it over his head slowly and laid down to sleep. He was totally just like, “Peace out guys, see ya later.” This is exactly how Penelope sleeps! I loved it haha. Penelope was also the goat whisperer…. Check out the photos to see for yourself!


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