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Happy Mother’s Day to all those amazing, strong mommas out there! Before I started my own blog I used to love to read other momma’s birth stories. I have decided to share mine (better late then never!) in honor of Mother’s Day! I wanted to write something to/for my mom for those other motherless mothers out there on this hard Holiday.. but I have decided to focus my energy in a positive way by sharing the most amazing day of my life.

Quick background-

I had a healthy pregnancy the ENTIRE time. I basically faced zero complications. I had crazy morning sickness for 2-3 weeks, but that is about it! I always felt great and always worked out and focused on healthy eating. At 32 weeks, I spent a few days in the hospital. I had gotten the flu and became extremely dehydrated. Like I remember telling the doctor I had gone to bathroom TWENTY THREE times since 5 am….it was only 9 am during my appointment. SO yeah I was very dehydrated. Unfortunately this is what sent me into preterm labor. When you are dehydrated and pregnant, your uterus basically starts having small contractions that can’t really be stopped. This caused me to dilate to a centimeter. I spent a few days in the hospital trying to get everything under control. This is when I went on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Life as I knew it had ended. My doctor literally told me I could no longer work, grocery shop, or anything. BUT he did tell me to walk to the pool every day and sit in the water to take some pressure off my lower part of my body. I wasn’t going to argue that part 😉

I spent 4 weeks on bed rest. I watched and re-watched all major Netflix shows. I read and reread all my pregnancy books. By 36 weeks I was ready to pop some babies out! I was panicking because I was afraid Jake wouldn’t be there for the birth. Baseball players only get to leave for 3 days when their children are born. I was so worried he would not make it but luckily the Royals organization was very involved and always asking for updates through out my entire pregnancy. There was no way they were going to let Jake miss the birth of his first born babies.

The last 8 weeks of pregnancy with twins means you go for doctor appointments twice a week, getting an ultrasound and stress test every week. During my Monday appointment my doctor told me he didn’t think he would be seeing me on Wednesday for my next appointment. He said he was pretty positive those babies were going to come in the next two days. WHAT THE HECK! I immediately told Jake who told the front office members at the Royals. I told him not to come home yet because I wasn’t even feeling contractions.

The Royal’s didn’t listen though and instead put him on a red eye flight to Phoenix from the east coast. I remember being so pissed at the Royals.. I felt like they were waisting his 3 days because I wasn’t even in labor. I will forever be thankful that they sent him home because an hour after he landed, I went into labor!! Maybe it was the mozz sticks Jake fed me from Applebee’s, or maybe it was just seeing my man for the first time that season, either way I was so thankful that the Royals trusted their gut and sent him home.



My contractions started around midnight. I had already experienced small contractions that usually faded away so once I was feeling these, we went on a walk around the park to keep the contractions going. We just talked and talked about how insane this was going to be… raising two little ones with everything else we had going on. How were we going to do it?! We didn’t know, but we did know we were excited to meet our babies soon.

I could barely finish the walk the contractions were so bad. We realized this was the real deal. We got back to the apartment (first time Jake had ever seen it.. Didn’t have much time to give him a tour lol). We grabbed my bag and headed to the hospital!

The workers were very familiar with me because I had to go there every week so when they saw me in that pain they knew it was the real deal. For some odd reason they could not get an IV in me to save my life. THREE different nurses had to try. By the time the IV was in I was experiencing really hard contractions. The nurse told me I needed two full bags before getting my epidural. I didn’t even speak to her.. I just gave her the deadliest look ever and she knew I meant business. She basically squeezed my IV bag to get the fluids going faster and then we skipped the next bag and boom I got my epidural. Yes, the needle was large. No, it did not hurt. And Yes, 10/10 would do it again.

Once the epidural was in, it was just a waiting game from there. Jake took a nap because he hadn’t slept in like 30 hours. I was too excited/nervous/anxious/every other emotion so I didn’t sleep. I wasn’t in pain or anything. I just couldn’t believe it was happening!! We just needed to wait for my water to break.


Around 12 the next day I was finally fully dilated and it was go time. They ended up breaking my water. One last ultrasound showed that the babies were both head down. I had always planned on a C-section from the beginning because I wanted to plan it best as possible so Jake could be there. Since he was there, and they were head down, we decided to try a vaginal delivery. I was well aware that I could still end up needed a C-section (which is why I delivered in an operating room) but it was a chance I was willing to take.

Jake put on his scrubs and we headed to the operating room. There were so many nurses in there, it was kind of intimidating. There wasn’t much time to spare and I had to start pushing immediately. Penelope was coming first, by beautiful baby A. Pushing out a baby in real life was so different that what I had thought it would be! It only took less than 30 minutes. It was hard, but I wasn’t miserable. It was honestly such an amazing experience and I was shockingly calm.

I remember the doctor said, “Oh this baby girl has a lot of hair!” I was freaking pumped. I was a bald baby so I was very excited she had hair! I said, “Awh! Is she blonde?!” The doctor was like, “Ehh….not really.” A part of me was shattered lol..but I was just happy my baby girl was healthy with some hair! Before I knew it she was out and she was on my chest. It was the most amazing moment of my life. She laid there crying her little whimper and just looking at me and Jake. I don’t even think I looked at Jake one time. I couldn’t take my eyes off her! She laid with me for about 3 minutes while we waited for Jones’ water to break and him to come at his own time.

Unfortunately this is where my story immediately became a nightmare. Penelope was ripped out of my arms and 5-7 more doctors and nurses rushed in. Jones’ cord had prolapsed, meaning he wasn’t breathing. He was going to need an emergency C-section right away.

They prepped me as quick as they could but they had no time to spare. I specifically remember them prepping me and putting my arms out to my side like I was on a cross. This triggered some terrifying feeling in me because my sister told me during her C section her arms were out like on a cross and it just really freaked me out for some reason. I started having a panic attack so they allowed me to keep my hands near my side.

Unfortunately they could no wait for the other drugs to kick in before doing the C-section. I was numb from the epidural, but a C-section requires totally different, stronger drugs. The drugs had been administered but had not kicked in.. I could feel entirely too much of the C section and it was a terrible feeling. I won’t go into detail because I’m sure you can imagine what it feels like to be cut open while feeling it… absolutely horrifying.

I didn’t care though. I just wanted my baby boy to be safe. I was 100% certain we would lose him.. The nurses and doctors were frantic, yelling at each other to work faster. He had no heart beat when he was born. They had to press on his little chest like they taught me during CPR classes in high school when a baby stopps breathing. I pictured having two car seats and two cribs and only bringing home one baby.. I thought my life was going to be ruined during that moment.

Instead he started crying. He started making noises. He gained back his color and they showed me he was ok. I instantly was relieved. I couldn’t believe that I was blessed with two babies. My heart was the fullest it has ever been.

Immediately after all that the drugs finally kicked in. I had lost way too much blood and once the drugs kicked in I could not stop shaking. I didn’t even want to hold the babies because I thought I was having a seizure and would drop them! I could not control my body! It was the strangest thing.. I shortly after blacked out from loss of blood.

When I woke up, Jake was sitting next to me holding our two beautiful babies. That’s when I called Penelope my lizard baby because her little tongue kept sticking out, just like it still does! I was low key mad Jake was holding them both and I wasn’t, but it was such a beautiful sight. Our lives have never been the same, but have always been nothing short of beautiful and blessed ever since.

Becoming a mother was the most amazing, terrifying day of my life. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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  • Reply Valerie Smith May 22, 2017 at 8:57 pm

    I too am a mom of twins, girls Katie and Pippa. I had them at age 40, was on bed rest from week 28-35. Pippa was not getting what she needed in utero due to a tear and leak of her embriotic sac. She was in total control of her and her sisters bday. I delivered them at week 35 on 4/11/08 by c-section Katelyn first then Pippa 2 minutes later. Katie was 5# 2oz and I was able to see her for a few minutes. A team of doctors whisked Pip away straight to the NICU, she was only 2# 13 oz. it was several hours later that I finally could see Pip by I was not allowed to touch her while she was in her iceolet. Katie came home with us but Pippa had to stay in the NICU for 6 weeks, it was absolutely horrible leaving her there. I felt tremendous guilt with Katie at home and little Pip all alone at the hospital. I struggled with breast feeding but still pumped for hours on end just to bring Pippa even a few drops a day when we visited.
    My husband and I were never going to have kids I was 40 and he was 55 when we did. Although very scary times it is the BEST decision we ever made. Today my girls are 9 years old, Katie is every bit a girly girl and Pippa is a handful! Everyone asks how old are your daughters and when I say they are 9. Their jaws drop when the find out the are twins. Katie is a 9 yr old height and weight but Pippa is the size of a 6 yr old, weighing only about 40 #. she still believes in magic, that she can fly like superman and in the Easter bunny. She is much more a child than Katie who is blossoming but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I still roll my eyes tho when someone asks “Are the identical?” Lololololol , not even close.
    Thanks for sharing you story Bree, I hope you enjoyed mine a little too.

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