Bedroom Makeover

For some reason, my room has always been the last room to get (fully) decorated. I always focus on the kids room/playroom and the guest rooms first (my living room sucks.. no idea what to do). Well now that I am home all day and have the time to do basically whatever I want, I have been giving our room a make over! Its nothing huge, but there’s finally a more cohesive feel that I looooove.

Like most people, I am a huge fan of the all white color scheme. I think it is a flawless and modern look that will always be in style. Unfortunately, in Arizona, majority of houses have a tan color with dark brown floors/furniture. And since I’m working with a stay-at-home mom budget, (aka no income), I was in no position to buy all white furniture. Instead I have embraced the brown/black look and added touches of copper. It’s a look that I am starting to love! I plan to add more urban pieces in the future. But this is a great start! My room finally feels like my own.

The black furniture started with these black nightstands that I bought off someone about two years ago. They’ve been nice because they have the storage on bottom that Jake and I throw a ton of stuff in. I’m still not a huge fan of these, even after I’ve painted the handles copper to match the rest of my décor. I have my eye on some from Target (duh) but Jake has told me to stop spending money so I’ll just have to wait for now;)

The vanity desk is a piece that I bought off someone as well. She had painted the whole thing black and then I painted these handles copper. So both of these pieces were already in our room and I just spruced them up with copper touches! Then there is the little side table, which Jake and I found on the side of the road and I painted/trimmed the edges with black to match our other furniture. I love this piece! It is actually what inspired to go with an urban look and fully start to like the black/wood theme.

We also have a very nice wooden dresser that we got from Ashley furniture when we moved into this house. Jake picked it out and it is black with wooden drawers. I wasn’t crazy about it (because I never really liked black before), but now that we have a cohesive theme in our room, it fits sooooo well.

OK now for the copper décor that everyone want’s to know! It’s basically all from the same place…. You guessed it! TARGET! I have a serious problem with going to Target people.. Its so close to my gym that literally everyday after the gym we go to Target. I keep the kids quiet with cake pops from Starbucks so we all enjoy the trips;) I could spend hours and millions in that place. It’s dangerously addictive.

The only items not from Target are the copper bedside lamps. These were TWELVE DOLLARS GUYS! Are you kidding me?! I should have bought 100!! I originally wanted to do wall sconces, but then I thought about how much work that would be and Jake is the least handy man there is so I know I would have to do it alone. I’ll settle for these little cheapies any day! The other item not from Target is the dream catcher. This was $9 from Ross. I really liked it but wasn’t sure if it went with the rest of my room. But it actually matches the pillows really well so I am keeping it. The last thing hanging up is a piece from our wedding that I DIYed. I still need to repaint the border so that its copper instead of gold so I’ll just have to add that to my todo list.

Almost everything else is from Target and is linked below! The vanity area is my favorite. It started with the mirror from Target and then I started to add the little wooden pieces and then the lamp. It came together WAY better than I had expected!

I really want to build my own headboard from wood and keep it super simple, but I feel like it won’t match the rest of our room. So now I am at a stand still on what to do above our bed. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Needs to be black or wooden or even copper! Send your Pinterest ideas to me! And in the mean time, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest so you can keep up with my new home décor ideas!

Copper Desk Lamp– Target

Wooden Wall Mirror– Target

Wood Jewelry Containers– Target. The matching makeup holder is also Target.

Mason jars are from Michaels.

Copper Plant – Target

Copper frame is from Kirkland’s


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