Battling Acne- Skincare Tips + Products

Hi friends! Today is going to be a lengthy post so lets just dive right in. I am going to be discussing my personal struggle with acne and how I have made steps in the right directions. Is it perfect? No. lol. Definitely not perfect. But it has come a very long way. There is still a long way to go to clearing things up and KEEPING things clear, but I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel! Having acne is the worst feeling. I know mine could be worse.. but for me, it was a very low blow to my confidence and state of mind. It still is struggle because my breakouts are a work in progress. But that is what I am seeing, progress. 

So let me first share my tips and tricks that I have learned along this journey! I will be sharing specific skincare products at the end- but those are 1) personal preference and 2) not always the most important answer.

The most important thing you can do if you are having breakouts is see a dermatologist. When I say acne/breakouts, I am referring the to cystic, under the skin type of pimples. These are the painful, lingering bumps that no amount of skincare products you can buy at Target or Sephora are going to clear up. Sad, but true. Cystic acne is caused from within. Digestion, allergies, hormonal imbalance.. the list goes on. Seeing a dermatologist and getting a prescription (usually an antibiotic and a topical cream) will get you reset internally and get you headed in the right direction.

Personally, I have tried quite a few antibiotics + cream duos. I have had success in the past, but recently it has been harder to cure. My breakouts started when I switched to a birth control pill rather than a non hormonal IUD I had (is that TMI? Sorry) So suddenly my body got a flush of hormones it hadn’t had in years and ever since then we aren’t on speaking terms LOL. But really all jokes aside, it has been a hard time for me and my skin. The recent antibiotic + topical treatment did stop the cystic pimples from popping up, but I am still left with scars and the a random pimple that pops up here and there. This is what I am doing to decrease there scaring.

Even after seeing a dermatologist there are more steps you can take to help your skin. Below is a list of everyday changes to be made to help fight breakouts:

  • Change your pillowcases every night/every other night at most. Buy cheap pillow cases to rotate until you do laundry. This keeps the bacteria off your skin, especially the bacteria from our 6 day old hair!
  • Wash your hands ALL the time. This sounds so simple but seriously… think of the things we touch all the day and then we itch our face or start washing our face without washing our hands!
  • Pay attention to your diet. I won’t go into the whole dairy discussion here… but I really think you should do some personal research on that and decide for yourself. I am dairy cautious, but not dairy free. Though I will be trying to do much better.
  • Avoid sugary foods.
  • Water. Water. Water. This aids in the digestion. Very important. Also need to keep your skin hydrated!
  • Cleanse morning and night, and after gym/laying out. Very important to wash off the bacteria!


Skin care products

This is a hard thing to recommend because EVERYONE is SO different with different needs. I have even been very torn about sharing what I do morning/night because I do not want anyone to think they NEED to buy these items to get better skin. Shit, IDK if these products are even working or if it is other factors.. So I am not RECOMMENDING anything here. I instead am just going to discuss what products I have been using that I have been seeing changes. I will keep it very short because like I said… U don’t want anyone to feel they need to buy all this! This is the order I use as well.

I use a Cetaphil gentle cleanser morning and night. I don’t use something with salicylic because I use other products with that in it so I keep my face wash as gentle as possible. This has been ride or die for years. Affordable. Gentle. And works well.

I use a Sunday Riley Martian toner. Toner is not for all skincare types. I cannot decide if need to continue to repurchase this or not. I think once I run out, I may give my skin a break and try to see if it was an important item.

I use a Retin-A cream that was prescribed to me from a doctor. This is very important in your battle against acne! Nothing will ever be as strong as medical grade skincare you can get from a doctor.

A Claifying Overnight serum From Sunday Riley. I love this stuff. really feel like it helps fight oncoming breakouts.

Marula oil from Drunk Elephant. A product I cannot live out. I SWEAR by it. SO hydrating and light on the skin. I could bathe in it!!

The end. like I said, not going to over spew info to you guys.

I also use two vitamin C serums- Drunk Elephant and Sunday Riley. I love both very much and I use these in the mornings (alternating them). Vitamin C is important fighting acne scars/fine wines.

These Dr. Dennis Gross pads are freaking fabulous I have yet to buy them, I just continue to get samples from Sephora lol. But gosh. SO nice on the skin to exfoliate. I like products to do a chemical exfoliate rather than using a beaded (manual exfoliant) face wash because that can just break the skin and spread the acne.

SO there you have it folks. Part of my journey to clear skin. You can read this post here to see what I am doing to fight the scars!

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