Baseball/Life Update

We’ve been showered in love and congratulations since announcing that Jake won pitcher of the year and also that we will be traveling this season together (for the most part). Jake’s award is a huge accomplishment and we are very proud of him!

He was recently sent down to minor league camp and will be starting his season at the triple A level, which is located in Omaha Nebraska. (Stir up the Storm!) All of this was pretty much expected. We knew he would get sent back to minor league at some point so that he could start working up more innings. We are happy he made it this far and are pleased with his performances. He said it was an incredible learning experience for him to face guys at that level. He’s ready to work his butt off in Omaha to get up to KC this year.

We were about 99% sure he would start the season in Omaha so we have been planning for this. What we originally planned was to keep the house we are currently renting in AZ, even though we would not be living in it this season. We wanted to do this because we really love this house and wanted to come back here next off-season. My plan was to bounce between mainly Illinois and Nebraska and occasionally back to AZ to check on our house. I was thinking of getting a job in Illinois for the season as well.


Two days ago I was showering and thinking about finances. I got to thinking about just how much we would be spending on an EMPTY 4 bedroom house for the next 6 months and then I was like what the heck that’s outrageous. That money could be better allocated for us. So I quickly dried off. Sat on the couch next to Jake with my phone calculator in hand and I started adding numbers. Once I told him the money we’d be spending… it was a no brainer. We immediately texted our landlord who was very understanding and then boom.  Now we move out in 20ish days. (I am seriously freaking out already). That’s how things work with baseball… your plans change in the blink of an eye (or during a quick deep condition treatment in my case).



So here’s our new plan:  I will be spending majority of the season in Omaha. Jake will be living with a host family. This typically doesn’t happen at this level. Players have to find and pay for their own housing. Jake is fortunate enough to know a family in the area who has offered to house us. This is huge for us to save money… especially because as of now, there are no set plans for me to return to work (see below). When Jake’s team is traveling to away games I will take the 6 hour drive back to Illinois. I’ll mainly be staying at friend’s houses because I freaking miss the crap out of them and I’ll also be fighting Jake’s brother for the basement once he’s home from college. (I call top bunk Noah). Basically I won’t have my own home but I’ll have plenty of people to make me not feel homeless. I have friends all over the Midwest so I plan to be traveling as much as Jake is whenever he’s on the road! This will keep me busy and happy (because I can only handle Rock Falls in small dosages lol).

Here’s some questions I’ve been asked a lot. 

Will you work this season?  Yes and no. My main job is to be mommy.  Even in Omaha I’m going to be spending a lot of time alone. Jake will need his sleep plus he spends half the days at the field. I do, however, plan to help out friends at their jobs to make some spending money of my own. A few people have already reached out to me back home so I have a few small things to keep me busy!

Are you going to live in Illinois permanently? LOL. Ask Jake this question and he’ll laugh out loud in your face. No. We will return to Arizona. We will be looking to rent or even buy a house now in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area so that we’re closer to the complex for next year.

When are you moving? Well opening day is April 10th I think and they open up in Colorado Springs this year. Jake will leave a few days before that. I will drive to Colorado springs probably the day before. From there I will drive to Omaha/Illinois and get settled in as best as possible. We won’t come back home until the season has ended unless it’s just me coming to do some house hunting in AZ.

Can I travel with you? Do you need help? Uh absolutely lol. Like I said, when I’m with Jake, we still don’t spend much time together. Even for a 7 PM game he has to be at the field by like 2pm (don’t ask me why I still don’t understand it). So I am always looking for help or company!

Are you going to be in KC at all? Well that’s what our goal is.


Ya never know when all this could change again. But for once I will be seeing Jake more than once a month and my heart could not be happier! We are ready for this season as a family!!




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