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Once again, social media has shown me how powerful and rewarding it can be when used to our advantages. It doesn’t have to be used to brag about our lives, or compare ourselves with others. It’s not all about boasting our achievements or sharing the amazing moments. It’s about connecting, sharing, empowering. It’s a way to share our stories with others who can relate.

This new baseball lady I am about to introduce is one who I literally love to follow on social media. The humor and honesty that she and her husband share is absolutely real and genuine. I can relate to her, laugh at her, and feel for her.. all because social media has allowed us to connect. I’ve never felt so relatable to another woman in my life until reading her answers! I literally started getting tears in my eyes because it’s moments like these that I realize 1) I am not alone in this world 2) I am not crazy or selfish for feeling the way I feel and 3) Women are badass b******. Read on to hear more about the amazing Brittany Ross.

Introduce yourself!

Hey yall,
I’m Brittany. I’m married to Robbie Ross Jr, relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Robbie and I met and started dating sophomore of high school. We got married in 2010. And just celebrated our seven year anniversary. I’ve been with Robbie through high school baseball, travel ball, summer ball, minor league ball, and now we are completing our sixth Major League season. Of course there have been some unexpected and expected send downs, call ups, one trade, winter ball, and being tossed around from relief pitcher to starter, and back to relief.
Life is such an adventure and I love every minute.

I did not at first. I had my fair share of meltdowns, freak outs, and truly believed I was not cut out for this lifestyle. But after a mild identity crisis, learning to work the system to my advantage, and meeting incredible people THIS life and life style is so fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Robbie was drafted by the Texas Rangers. We were traded to the Red Sox in 2015. And spent the majority of 2017 on the DL.
The DL started with the flu, then he pitched 9 innings before going back on the DL with elbow inflammation. As he was rehabbing, a line drive came at his head in the dugout and he fell on his back which eventually lead to microdiscectomy that ended his season. We are now back home in Kentucky cheering on our team from the couch!

This is the first season Robbie has been injured, and the first I’ve spent married to a man unable to do what he loves. Wow. So much respect to those who battle injuries season after season.

It is not easy.

But, the bright side is we have spent a lot of time together and it’s been a precious time in our marriage.
I’ve learned to take everything as it comes and know that it’s all a blessing.

How has this recent injuries impacted your relationship, faith, and overall love for the game?

Having a husband on the DL is everything you’d imagine it is. There are days we are thankful to have time to rest and recover, it’s like a sweet little unexpected vacation from life and work. But after about five seconds of not being able to work, I think Robbie would tell you it sucks being hurt. Because his season ending injury happened in the dugout, he isn’t allowed at games. Back surgery… Apparently, your back is important. So he is on a strict no lifting, twisting, or working out program for the next several weeks.

The downside of the DL is obvious. No one wants to sit and watch their teammates race to the playoffs while you’re sitting at home not able to move.

However, there are a gazillion silver linings to this season. Some are so special and so specific to us and our story, we know that God is moving the cosmos to work things out. And it is just extra special to have so much time with your husband when you are used to being alone majority of the time.

Like, we get to eat dinner together. Can you even imagine ?!

How do you make time for yourself and your passions while giving your husband 110% support all the time?

I could actually talk for hours about this. I’m a big advocate on encouraging women, specifically baseball wives to get involved with something other than baseball.
I am passionate about empowering women to know their worth because of my non profit work. But even in the realm of baseball we need to know our value aside from the roles we play. Mom. Wife. Business woman. Yada. Yada.
All of these titles are important. It’s what makes our world go round, right?! What would our men do without us?

But it’s just not the entirety of who we are. For a long time, I lost myself in the identity of being a baseball wife. Whatever that even means. I was at every single game. I had no life. I was completely consumed. When I got married, I was 20 years old and still figuring out who I was and who I wanted to become. I entered the world of MLB, red carpet/celebrity events, money, and all the things you’d think of being married to a pro athlete. The world was telling me all the ways to be exactly what it needed and I did exactly that. I wore the handbags and dressed the part. Except for a few interviews post one too many glasses of wine, I even said all the right things.
Robbie was a fan favorite with the Rangers. He got a lot of attention because he wore a pink backpack as the rookie, and the team named a gigantic nacho bowl after him at the ballpark.

Like I said, I was at the stadium every night, sometimes twice a day. For most of us, the baseball park feels more like home then the actual place we pay rent or mortgage.

Fast forward to today…I have a healthy relationship with baseball. I love it with all my being but I have zero desire to be at the games every single night.
That’s just not for me. It is for some women. And I respect that! There is no right or wrong.

I just desperately needed my own life. I’ve always been a go-getter, driven, passionate woman that craves conversations aside from the speed of a fast ball.
Because of that, in order to save myself from going bat shit crazy, I started practicing yoga. I became certified to teach and love leading people back home into their bodies.

I’m not teaching as much now-a-days because of Mission 108 but teaching and practicing will always be apart of my life.
But, let’s talk about my true passion. I started a 501c3 non profit that supports aftercare and prevention programs for anti human trafficking all over the globe. We have partners in the US, India, and Ecuador. This work is the most rewarding thing I’ve chosen. I get to see women rescued out of slavery and walk into a life redeemed. There is nothing greater.

When I found myself in serving others and working as the CEO of Mission 108, I can say hands down my marriage got richer. I’m an activist at heart. I love writing, speaking and making people feel real things in a culture that surprises emotions. Mission 108 has enriched my life in ways that brings me to my knees.

If any of your followers/bloggers want to know more, go to or email me at . We take teams to India to visit our partners.
Ask anyone who has travelled with me, nothing is better than a trip with Mission 108. We just got back last month and I’m already itching to go back. We do short terms mission trips in a way I’ve never seen done. We focus on sustainability. So you won’t built a road or a church on a trip with us. Instead you’ll spend the entire week building relationships with people who’ve been affected by poverty, slavery, and abuse. You’ll use your voice, skills, talent, and heart to dive deep into the lives of others. And there is always mutual transformation.

If it weren’t for baseball, I think we’d live with the bush people in Africa or a hut in Costa Rica and it would be incredible. I’m a little bit of a hippie. But the MLB pays our bills so for now we are loving life in the states. And I’ll lead life-changing Mission teams a couple times a year. Robbie comes on trips too. In the off season of course. He supports me because I support him. It’s all about balance.

I think he likes me more now that I’ve got my own things going on than he did when we first got married.
It is very important for me to be there for him, show up at games, care about his work and career. But it’s equally important for me to be at yoga, write, take on speaking gigs, travel, and run Mission 108. Plus we’d like to have children.
Ha. Writing it down makes it seem like a lot.
We are a circus. And I’m just trying to balance it all.

If anyone follows you two on instagram, they know y’all are HILARIOUS when you bicker and there are no limits to what you two post! Do you ever feel like there is too much of your life in a spotlight because of baseball? Do you embrace it because you feel obligated? Elaborate for us!

Ohhhh gosh. I’m still not sure Robbie understands there are limits to what you should and shouldn’t post about your wife on social media. He literally posts the most embarrassing things. It is a never ending game. I always get him back.

I used to really freak out about social media. I didn’t even have Facebook until after I was married. And that was only to share our wedding pictures.
Now I just don’t care as much. Obviously. I think we have a good balance. Neither of us sit on our phones during meals or alone time. We start our days with something we call real talk. Which is exactly what it sounds like. We debrief about everything. Mornings and evenings are sacred to us.

And then, pretty much everything else is fair game. He’s so honorary and never has clothes on so half the things I film I can’t even post.

How has this season been different? Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, logically, etc.. you get the point.

2017 was a learning season. A waiting season. A season of unknown. We’ve both had to learn an insane amount of patience.
Spiritually, it has been incredible. God is so faithful. Even in the middle of the chaos, I can see how good the Father is. I am so thankful for that.

Emotionally. Yeah, I mean I cry like six times a day. I laugh at least triple that. Sometimes both at the same time.
And logically? There is nothing logical about baseball. Even without an injury… we move three times per year.

I’m sure you feel like life is nailing you in the a** with curveballs. How are you managing the sting of that?

Yoga. Every damn day.

You’d be surprised what a good deep breath and glass of water will do.
And friends. I have invested in the worlds best friends. On those days when I’ve realized I’m wearing house slippers in the grocery store, I call my girlfriends.
And then I post it on Instagram;)

I pray a lot. Center myself. I swear by this: Each of us has everything she needs right inside. We just have to be still long enough to figure it out.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m blogging irregularly on . I’d love for your readers to join me there. I can promise to make you laugh, cry, or sweat in what I write.
Life is so sweet. It is so messy. And it is absolutely always both of those things at the same time. Adulting is a tragedy none of us knew we signed up for.

The one thing that makes us better is each other.
And if you take nothing else away from this, I’d want you to know the secret to life is GRATITUDE.

So much love- BAR

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