Baby Basics

After having 3 kids, I have kinda nailed it with what you actually need to dress your baby. I promise your newborn baby doesn’t need name brand shoes (or honestly shoes at all..) and we could probably do without the jeans/”outfits”. They are a baby.. all they need is comfy clothes! And I promise comfy clothes can still be cute. I like basics and neutrals, and I totally understand that style isn’t for everyone! Some people really like sports clothes on babies (Nike, Under Armour, etc..) I personally don’t. But honestly to each their own. I know my style isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. But if your style is like mine, then you will probably love the items below! I have linked my basics that I love for babies. You will probably see a lot “pajamas” because thats what I love most. My favorite stores for baby/kids clothes are Old Navy, Gap, HM, Zara, Target, AMAZON, and I love boutique clothes but hate the prices. Below are some of my fave items!


Old Navy



Other Amazon Items

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