Aztec Clay Mask

I have shared this mask before but only briefly. Today I want to go into the hows and whys it is so amazing! Besides that killer price!

I have been using this mask for about a year now and I use it a few times a week, depending on my skin. I have heard many different claims that the Aztec Clay Mask is the holy grail mask for acne. I agree, it is amazing. Although I still am struggling with acne so I wouldn’t say it has totally cleared my skin, but that’s because my acne is very hormonal and very cystic/deep. It still works on my acne though! It totally helps with my inflammation. The main reason I use this mask is because of how it clears EVERYTHING out of pores. I have really large pores around nose/chin. They are huge. SO they collect a lot of dirt and look like I have blackheads. This is the only product I have found that clears all the junk out of my pores and makes them appear smaller!

The reason that this face mask is so magical is that it contains bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is found in MANY face masks. This a common one made by Kiehls but is more pricey than the one I am sharing. This mask is so affordable and will last you soon long. It has to be the cheapest, most effective, face mask out there. Bentonite clay comes from a very fine volcanic ash. The ash has a high concentration of minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium. It also absorbs and removes toxins, AKA CLEARS THE PORES!!

The bentonite clay can be used for many things, face masks, arm pit masks (to detox armpits when switching to a natural deodorant), gut health, and so much more. I am going to tell you how to use this product as a face mask!

What you need:

  • Aztec Clay
  • Apple Cider Vinegar OR Water
  • Plastic bowl
  • PLASTIC SPOON (cannot use metal with this mixture. It will cause the clay to be ineffective)
  • A brush if you prefer

This is the easiest mixture you’ll make. Just make sure you aren’t using metal! I literally just eyeball this mixture every time. Start by by adding a little bit of powder to the bowl and just a SMIDGE of apple cider vinegar or water. Start mixing with the spoon. You may need to add more powder or more water. You want it to be a thicker paste, but perhaps try a thinner, more watered down version, for your first time! It will be almost impossible to get the whole mixture completely smooth, that is ok! Once you have a thick paste, use either the spoon or a small, flat make up brush to apply to the skin (linked some cheap ones at the end of this post!). You will want to cover the whole area.

Leave on for 20 minutes. I usually do it while I sit in the bath. Trust me you will know when it is time to rinse it off because your face will be tight and cracking lol. I use a warm wet washcloth to clean the mask off. Your face will be red and flushed after! This is normal! The blood was just rushing to your face is all. It will calm down in about 30 minutes. This is why I recommend using this product at night so that you can follow up with your night time skin care routine.

I recommend doing this mask 1-2 a week. You can also mix a thinner batch and use it to spot treatment pimples over night. I am obsessed with this mask and even more obsessed with the price! I have the big jar and after a year I feel like I have barely used any! I hope this mask will be as life changing for you guys as it is for me! And also… if you aren’t using a little spatula/brush to apply all your masks… you’re doing it wrong lol. These little brushes are so therapeutic!

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