Welcome. I am happy that you have stumbled across my blog! My name is Brianne Junis- but let’s just go by Bree now that we’re basically BFFs already. I am a 20something year old stay at home mommy who is raising boy/girl twins + a newborn boy, supporting my hubby through his professional baseball career. Writing has always been something I was interested in. I used to say I was going to have a book published by the age of 18.. but I guess we will settle for a blog.

I have been blogging ever since we got married in February 2017. I created this blog as an outlet to discuss the struggles I faced as a young mom who was raising her kids while her husband was away so much. Now that I am a stay at home mom and travel with him a lot, I have found my true passion for blogging- all things fashion and beauty! I love nothing more than easy fashion and finding affordable deals. A true online shopping addiction. But don’t let me fool you- I tend to wear the same baggy sweatpants every day of my life with no makeup on. So in this blog you will find other relatable topics, such as home decor, fitness, recipes, parenting, and a lot of me just rambling.

I can only hope that my stories will bring light and laughter to other mommas, baseball GFs, and young adults who are looking to relate to someone (and not think that they are freaking in over their heads). I want my blog to be your go to platform for all the sale info and fashion needs.So subscribe, share, and sit back to join us along our crazy journey!bymariphotography-0135