Welcome. I am happy that you have stumbled across my blog. My name is Brianne Junis- but let’s just go by Bree. I am a young 20something year old stay at home mommy who is raising twins + supporting her new hubby through his baseball career. Writing has always been something I was interested in. I used to say I was going to have a book published by the age of 18.. but I guess we will settle for a blog. I have (re)created this blog because I wanted an outlet to talk about my adventures of parenting + love and discuss my interests in fashion + fitness. I can only hope that my stories will bring light and laughter to other mommas, baseball GFs, and young adults who are looking to relate to someone (and not think that they are freaking in over their heads). So subscribe, share, and sit back to join us along our crazy journey. bymariphotography-0135