3 Steps Your Skincare Routine Needs

You guys know how important skincare is to me. It is something that is SO intriguing to me and honestly brings me so much joy to do. I look forward to doing my skincare routine and working towards improving and protecting my skin. Your skin is your LARGEST organ, we should be taking care of it! And if that’s not enough for you, think of this- you will wear your skin for the rest of your life. Bam. If you don’t like your boobs, you can get a boob job. Don’t like your teeth, there’s options for new ones. Sadly, if we don’t like our skin, we cannot change that. So to me, my skincare routine is worth every penny I spend on it. It has taken me awhile to figure out what MY skin needs. I have seen a lot of specialists (dermatologist and esthechians) and I also have done SO MUCH research by myself. But the skincare world can be SO FREAKING OVERWHELMING.  Especially for people who are just starting to take care of their skin!! Because I want to be honest guys- just using a makeup wipe is not considered taking care of your skin. Sorry sisters. So that is what brought me to do this post for you guys today!

So maybe you’re one of those fortunate individuals who can use a drugstore cleanser and slap on any lotion and call it a night. LUCKY. YOU. But in the long run that is not going to cut it! You need to be preventing and protecting your skin. It may be good now (or it may not be), but don’t we want our skin to ALWAYS be good? I do!! I want to look young forever! haha. So here are the 3 skincare ingredients that you NEED to have in your routine! No matter your age, what type of skin you have (oily, acne, dry, etc). We need these products, ladies. 

Vitamin C

This was the first important item I added to my own routine outside of a good cleanser/moisturizer. It will definitely be a product I always use. Vitamin C is SO important to our bodies and skin. Sure we get it daily through our diet/vitamins, but when applied directly to the skin… giiiirl, now we’re talking. There are many benefits to using a C serum, but the main reason many women use it is because of it’s anti-aging results. It is not going to stop you from aging lol, but it does work in magical ways to help slow that process down! Vitamin C promotes collagen production- which is filling in those fine lines and wrinkles. Maybe you’re young and not worried about wrinkles (although we should always be worried), this magical serum also protects/corrects the skin from sun damage. Vitamin C is an antioxidant- this means it can correct sun spots/dark spots/age spots to help reduce pigmentation. This is why I incorporated a vitamin C serum and have never looked back! Aside from the those magical benefits, it also is hydrating to the skin and typically good for all skin types. It’s an easy step to add to your morning routine (you should have a morning routine for your skin ladies!) but more importantly it is a necessary step!

I have tried quite a few C serums from all price points. I started out using the mario badescu one which I was found of. I think Mario Badescu is a great skincare line for those who are just starting to dabble in a more meaningful routine. I also used to use the Drunk Elehpant C serum and LOVED it. The only reason I switched to my current one (and I know it’s insanely expensive) is because I wanted to use all medical grade skincare products. The SkinCeuticals c serum is amazing and an item I will repurchase for years. It has it’s own patented ingredient that only they use. It is light on the skin and just works for me. I have also heard good things about these other products listed below. 


The most magical ingredient. UGH HOW I MISS IT. It is not safe for use during pregnancy unfortunately. And wow, I sure did see a difference in my skin when I had to stop using it once becoming pregnant. Retinol (retinoids) is like a vitamin c serum ON CRACK. I actually read on Oprah.com that all dermatologists they asked agreed that retinoids are the second most important ingredient in a routine (don’t worry, I covered their #1 recommendation in my third product 😉 Retiniods are important because they too speed up collagen production but it also increases your cell turnover time. This means that it is regenerating the skin cells to allow FRESH, BRIGHT, SMOOTH cells to come out. Many women use it for the anti-aging benefits. I personally used it because it is commonly prescribed by dermatologists for acne purposes. It helps fight against acne and reduce pore size. It can come in many forms: Trentinoin, Retinol, Retin-A.. all considered to be Retinoids. You do not have to get a prescription from a doctor, although I do recommend it if you have severe skin issues. There are a lot of GOOD products that contain the retinol ingredient. Retinol is a STRONG ingredient, hence why it is so awesome! So it is a good idea to start slow and start small when incorporating this. 

Before getting pregnant I was using a RetinA from a doctor. But I also used the LUNA sleeping oil that contained retinol and I was obsessssssed. Truly made my skin glow. Drunk Elephant has came out with their own now and I can’t wait to try. I also will try the SkinCeuticals brand since that is my current line I am using and loving. 

SP freaking F!!! 

It’s funny because my whole life I remember everyone talking about the importance of SPF. But I don’t feel like I started taking it seriously until recently. Like I said, I have been to a lot of professionals and I have done a lot of skin research. There has NEVER been a person who hasn’t mentioned the importance of SPF. I always heard it and just thought, “yeah yeah yeah… ok.” I would sunscreen my shoulders and my face (occasionally) when I would go on vacation. But all other times you would catch me trying to be as tan possible. When 2019 rolled around and I needed a new years resolution, I decided “what the heck, everyone talks about the importance of DAILY SPF. Let me give it a try.” I have been taking this very seriously and wearing an SPF every day and it has really limited the hyper pigmentation left behind from breakouts. Sure I still have red marks, but they are much more faint than they usually are! Once pregnancy is over and I can use a more aggressive treatment, they will be all gone. 

We are in the sun more than we think- in the car, sitting briefly outside, going to get the mail.. little things add up! It is so important to protect this giant organ by applying sunscreen daily!

Another reason to use SPF daily is because when you’re using products like retinoids, you are WAY more sensitive to light. You will be way more likely to burn because ahem, the skin cell turnover. That fresh baby face needs to be protected! And if the thought of skin cancer or pigmentation doesn’t scare you… then those people covered in horrible wrinkles with leather like skin should definitely be enough to encourage SPF. 

Currently I am using a few SPFs. A new one I love is the Elta MD sunscreen. I was using my Drunk Elephant tinted SPF (still do when I am trying to look good by the pool!) but I decided to do this one since my esthetician and dermatologist recommended it. It is good for acne prone skin, sensitive skin, literally all skin lol. Below are some other alternatives. 

So there it is! The three steps you truly need in your routine. Whether you’re 18 and just starting to get intrigued in skincare, or your 25 and know you should do better, or even if your 50 and you aren’t liking the way you’re aging. These products will make a visible difference in your skin’s appearance. Nourish your skin!

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